Life as a reformed Zookeeper. Now living a life as a working mother who dabbles in karate, scrapbooking, and Coors Light!

Monday, July 31, 2006

Holy Heat, Batman....

...It's incredibly hot outside right now. I think that I would rather it be very very cold rather than very very hot. At least, in most cases, you can warm up if you're cold. In all cases, however, there are only so many layers of clothing you can remove and still be deemed appropriate. This, folks, is where I'm at today.

Sunday, July 30, 2006


.... and the blues stem from the meltdowns happening so frequently in my house rather than the fact that the weekend is drawing to a close and that I'll be going back to work tomorrow. Some days, I hit the ground running. ANYWHERE is better than hanging around screaming toddlers sometimes. Any bathroom at King's Island (an amusement park near Cincinnati, for those non-Midwestern folk) ranks up there at moments, and this is coming from the very squeamish girl. Don't get me wrong. I love these little creatures that I helped to create. I've poured a lot of the last three years into helping them become these little people of self-confidence. But I need to figure out a way to live through the next six months to a year. I hear that four is a much lovlier age.

...ok, off to drown my sorrows with some ice cream or custard. I'll bitch about my weight next. You know I will. Which will also be accompanied by my tails of bunion woe, and not going to the gym for a week. *sigh* Getting old at the ripe age of 28-nearly-29, I am.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Boiled Lobster..... my house tonight. Although, let's just skip the lobster part and settle on all five members of my family. We might as well be boiled lobster, for that's what we all resemble. Apparently, we were hanging on to a bottle of very old sunscreen, because it didn't work well at all. You see, we went on a little family excursion to a water park today. I elected to forego the sunscreen, totally in line with my masochistic habits. I did smear some on my arms, as they tend to resemble boiled lobster year-round, irregardless of whether or not they've been introduced to UV rays. But I still burned, and so did the rest of my well-sunscreened family. But we had fun. There is a park in Lafayette, IN that has a water park in it. You pay a wee bit more than is customary to get in, but they have a big water slide, a few small water slides, a lazy river, and also a splash area. So, well worth it to be able to laze around on an innertube and broil my skin. Well, as much lazing as you can do while accompanied by a three year-old or two. *winks*

...on the other hand, everything in life has its price. Fun included. And lemme tell you, the price I paid today was my sanity. The twins are kicking it into three year-old high-gear, and are melting down faster than an ice cream cone on a hot day these days. And when I try to think it's not so bad, I remind myself that if I had one three year-old, I would have those occasional moments of giddy-love for the little monster when they had a good moment. If you have ever birthed a child, you totally relate to this. If you do not, either your child is too good or too bad to be normal. You get thees little moments of joy when they are so angelic and loving that you could bust. But with my two? Do you think they could EVER have a moment like this at the same time? It happens less than I clean around here. So, there is always a preschooler in a terrible mood in my house, teetering on the verge or basking in the throes of a good meltdown. And you know what? It's going to drive me crazier than I already am. Remind me again how I did daycare out of my home for nearly three years without killing anyone?

...anyway. Hope everyone out there who actually reads this is having a good weekend. Humor me and leave me a comment, eh?

Friday, July 28, 2006

Bad Wife...Bad, Bad....

....I totally forgot to announce to the blogworld that Wednesday was my nine year wedding anniversary. Not too shabby to be just 28 years old and on nine years of marriage, eh? And ya know what? I love him more today than I ever have.

....OK, we are now back to our regularly scheduled programming. I shall commence bitching about him now. *winks*

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Griffin's Funnies As Of Late really do say the darndest things. Griffin has really been on his game lately.

For example, Aaron's mom got the twins Blue's Clues dolls. Erin got Magenta, cos she has glasses, you know, and Griffin got Blue. About a month ago, we were hanging out, and all of a sudden, Griffin says, "Look, Mom, Blue's got a Valentine on her butt!" The said "Valentine" was none other than the TY heart on the tag. Was soooo cute.

Another. Griffin is obsessed with being like me. Not dad. Me. So, he will join Erin in trying on my bras, and will say things like he can't wait to get his own. That, in and of itself is funny enough. But tonight, I get home from work and lay down a bit before supper. He joins me, and begins telling me how he wants to go back to the sprinkler park (we went on Sunday). "And you can wear your bra, Mommy." Meaning, my swimsuit top. Too cute, he is.

Anyway, a few funnies for you guys.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Busy Few Days.... aside from breaking the zipper pull on a pair of pants, I've been very busy at work. They keep loading me up with more stuff, which is good. Keeps a girl from getting bored and making trouble. It's been kind of interesting, too, and already I can see how I benefit the organization. Yes, I still get irritated by a co-worker here and there, but overall it's turning out to be a great move for me.

...the kids are doing pretty well these days. Erin is forever the girlie-girl. A woman from Butterfly Boutique came over tonight to show me the stuff she sells, and Erin was all over it like a bad habit. Griffin is still my momma's boy, and has taken a great liking to High School Musical. Nothing is as priceless as hearing him sing "Getcha Head in the Game". Collin is having a great week hanging out with his friend, Kyle. I used to watch his sisters, so I've also been able to sneak in some baby-lovin' this week, too.

...other than that, nothing much amiss here in the land formerly known as the Zoo.

...What's new with everyone else?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Move Over McGuyver.... the part of Stephanie's zipper is being played instead by a mere paper clip.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Weekend....

...other than conning my boss to retrieve my keys for me from work (why I even had them in the first place is way beyond me....) and going out to lunch with Rebecca for her fortieth birthday, nothing much has been going on.

...I did take the kids to the sprinkler park this afternoon, which they liked. I didn't like this park as well as the other one that they have on the other side of Carmel. It has a playground that is pretty much attached to the sprinkler area. The one we went to today had three separate playgrounds that are all connected by a fairly overgrown path. Made me incredibly nervous when Collin played at a separate playground from us and some dude with a dog came through. I relaxed when I saw that he had a kid with him, too. lol

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Warning to the Men....Icky Girl Stuff I have the worst cramps right now. I have not had them this badly since I had children.....10 years ago. I just don't want to do anything other than curl up with a heating pad on my tummy, popping advil like candy. In fact, that sounds like such a good thing, I think I'll head off and do that.

....Peace out. I hope that everyone's having a great weekend!

Friday, July 21, 2006

So Much Freaking Fun.... laundry list.....
1 blow job
1 woodchuck
1 pineapple upside down cake-tasting shot
1 kamikazee
3 hurricanes
2 pianos
at least 2 dances on the stage....i refrained from dancing on aforementioned pianos, however

one helluva hangover.....

i'm never going to drink again. until tomorrow.

....k, going back to bed now. hehe

Thursday, July 20, 2006


...well, only for driving. In three weeks, I shall be getting glasses. They're a plum color, but metal, since I couldn't find any plastic tortise-shell-looking ones that I thought looked remotely good on me. I BARELY need them, but would feel a bit better with them on while driving...and looking at menus in fast food restaurants. haha

...and can I just take a minute and whine about my luck?? No? Well, fuck off, cos I'm going to anyway. Every time I make prior lunch plans with someone, they get messed up. Well, mostly with my friends Rebecca and Laura. Laura works at the same company as me, but is a property manager. So, that I CAN blame on work. Rebecca, however, I can simply blame on bad fucking luck. Pass the cheese, please.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

....I Learn Something New Every Day.....

.....did you know that heat will have the same effect on a 12-pack of diet Coke as the cold will?? Come on...I mean, I know that Physics WASN'T my strong point, but I do distinctly recall them telling us that soda had more fizz when cold. I'm still geeking out about it, folks.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And She's In Disguise.... I went out with my friend Judy today for lunch to Wendy's. I got there first, and was standing in line with my back toward the door. She came in, thinking it could POSSIBLY be me, but wasn't for sure. Too funny...she didn't recognize me in a dress. I highly doubt she's EVER seen me in a dress!

....Can I just say how wigged-out happy I am that Thursday night, I get to go out again like a big girl?? Katie's sister is going to have a bachelorette party in downtown Indy, and it looks like, with the exchange of playing hotel, I get to crash the party! WOOOTT!! get everyone out of the woodwork....which drinks should I try? I'm not a big beer fan, so what else is good? And no Jaegermeister. That shit's distilled in hell. But aside from other reasonable drink suggestion will be turned down. *winks* So come one, come all, to make suggestions for me for Thursday. I will give full reports of just how crazy I acted, as well as how sick I got on Friday! hehe

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend Update.... the weekend's been busy so far. We usually don't have so much going on. Friday night, we had no formal plans, but wound up in Julie and Marty's driveway, chatting with them and their neighbors. It was nice to just chill out like that.

...yesterday, however, was a big day. I went shopping in the morning for the two birthday parties we had this weekend. Then we went to Dante's birthday party. It was fun. We hung out and ate ourselves full of picnic food.

...after the party, we came back to our house, where we had a party of our own. A few of the moms from our preemie mom message board came over and we had sloppy joes, mac-n-cheese, and other assorted picnic food. It was so nice to have everyone at my house. So relaxing for everyone. Not one of the preemies was over 28 weeks gestation. Griffin was the biggest preemie, weighing in at 2lbs. 2oz. And the kids are all over a year, the youngest turning 2 in November. It was so nice to keep the kids in a location where they could run and not have to be still. Anywhere else we would have gone would have made it MISERABLE for the mommies. So I loved having everyone over.

...this afternoon, we're going to yet another birthday party. This time, it's to Robert's house. Griffin is very excited to celebrate with his two best friends. I, however, am mourning the loss of a relaxing weekend. lol

...tomorrow's back to the grind. Did everyone else have a good weekend?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's Not Rocket Science....

....if I hear that one more time from one of my co-workers here, I just might have to hit this person. It freaking hurts my feelings. Sometimes people around this office open their yap wide up before they think, and don't realize the consequences.

....On a much lighter note, I went to lunch with a friend today. It was actually my old boss. We chatted a little about what I do here, and she told me the gossip from the old job. She's been traveling extensively because of the new work they've been doing with my old team. She actually went to Paris last month! She brought me back the most beautiful rosary from Notre Dame. And last week she went with her husband and son to Graceland. So I got an Elvis pen, too. Too cute and way fun. I miss her, you know.

....and on a much heavier note again, I'm planning to kick some Judy-neighbor ass. Oy! If you will read back through the comments the past few days, you'll know why. Judy is one of the best momma's I know, so everyone needs to say a few nice words of encouragement to her. Fucking bitch of a neighbor.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm Going Out.... a big girl. For an adult beverage after work with a co-worker. I don't remember ever doing this, so I'm a tad excited! hehe I think we're going to have a bit o'luck o'the irish and go to Muldoon's. Go me. Of course, if I can't get something VERY mild, I just might only get a diet Coke. I know. Loser.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Always Concentrating on the Not-So-Nice Things...

....that I forgot to say a funny. You know how Griffin told me that I stole "Daddy's Purple Car"? Well, last night, as Aaron was getting out of the shower, he noticed that the towel Aaron was using wasn't his typical towel. You see, blogland, he accidentally used my color towel last week, so we've been using opposite towels. Well, no big deal. We're adults and can remember to use the other towel, right? Well, Griffin notices this. "Do you have Mommy's towel?" he asks. "Yes, Griffin, it's Mommy's...I stole it." Aaron replies. "That's not very nice," Griffin says, in a growl. heh.... love that kid.

Doing a Bit Better....

....feeling a little more human today. I think that I must have had something a bit heavier than a hangover yesterday. Still felt a bit delicate this morning, but that has passed with the day. *whew* Still feeling a bit down in the dumps, but I'm sure that this, too, shall pass. Ever since I started working outside the home, I feel a bit lonlier somehow. I like knowing that I have a "place" somewhere. That makes me happy. I don't feel this right now, and that makes me a bit downtrodden.

...So this week brings me back to XYZ property. I found out this morning. I wish that I would have a little more forwarning about this kind of thing, but I suppose I have a job, so should pipe down. Change of any sort is difficult, but unexpected ones can throw a rock in the wheel. I will be coming here in the afternoon this week until the new leasing agent starts. Then I will be back in my big-comfy chair in the office. The chair that is so big, I'm about ready to knock a hole in the wall every time I turn it. I can't wait to be back to my land of filing and copying. They keep having more and more for me to do, which makes this former Zookeeper a happy monkey.

...There are a few people in my life who need some kind thoughts/prayers right now. One is my friend, Hairbarrettes and Bows, who is going through a rough patch with work. Another is Nain, who is up to her eyeballs in study guides for the bar. She has two weeks to go, and is feeling like the light at the end of the tunnel is nothing more than a freight train. So, dear blog community, keep these two awash in positive thoughts. I love them both, and hate that they're both so very stressed out right now.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Feeling a Little Delicate Today....

....both physically and mentally. Not sure why, but I'm feeling the good old depression cloud hanging over me again. *sigh* I'm just not feeling so hot right now.

...and physically...oh, my. Perhaps I shouldn't drink anymore. You've never heard that out of any of your friends, have you? *wink* The concert was fun. The Goo Goo Dolls were pretty good (though the lead singer isn't nearly as hunky as he used to be). Counting Crows have such potential to give a great show. I wanted a show where I could dance my ass off and sing along. That's just not the kind of show they were in the mood to deliver last night. If I were in the pavillion, that wouldn't have mattered. But since I'd bought cheap seats on the lawn, I was in the mood to dance. Wasn't gonna happen. Oh, well. I'll dance and sing along to my cd's next time they're in town. I really love the stuff I'd heard on the radio, etc, and like their music, but I was a wee bit disappointed last night. It's very nostalgic to listen to their stuff, though. Reminds me of my senior year in high school. And also of Ernst & Young. My first few weeks, we'd bring cd's in to listen to them while we worked. I'd brought in the Recovering the Satellites disc, and we all sang along to it. Was fun. Anyway, I had too much to party last night. Here...lemme run it down for you all that I consumed. A Dick's Bodacious BBQ sandwich, potato salad, a foot of margarita/daquiri, two gin and orange juices, a regular order of cheese fries and a diet coke. And a partridge in a pear tree.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Saturday Night's Alright....

....I'm headed out to see Counting Crows and Goo Goo Dolls tonight at Verizon. Untold amounts of gin and sprite will be included in this adventure. (Perhaps before I go, who knows?) I'm napped up, made-up, and ready to rock 'n roll.

Peace Out.

Friday, July 07, 2006


....there seems to be some remodeling going on in my house today. While I was at work, Aaron decided to use a self-help book and start prepping the windows to be replaced.

....I'm afraid. Very afraid. Matt and Nay....I just might be moving in with you. *winks*

Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm a Thief....

....Why, yes, I'm a thief, according to Griffin. Last night, we were having supper, and he asks me "Mommy, did you drive Daddy's purple car today?" (Just like every day) I answer "Yes, I drove the purple car. I drive it everyday." He looks at me and he says, "So you stole it?" hmph...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Communication is Key.... ANY relationship, be it marriage, working, or otherwise. The second choice is what we shall expand upon today. Today, I go into the office to be greeted by more than one odd look, asking me "aren't you supposed to be at "XYZ property" the rest of the week?" To which I simply shrugged my shoulders and told them that I wasn't aware that I was to be out of the office the entire week. For as great as the people I work for are, there is a HUGE lack of communication going on around there. Sometimes I feel like one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. Which is bound to happen with a whole bunch of men, I suppose. *winks at dear boss who likely doesn't read this rag anyway* So, ultimately it was decided that I would divide my time the rest of this week between the office and the aforementioned property. THIS, my friends, is why I have a gas allowance. My ass shall decrease in intensity with all the running around I'll be doing, it seems.

...Hope everyone is having a good week. Give a shout out to my friend, Julie, who not only sold me a stellar bracelet and earring set, but quit doing daycare to start a new job, too!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Too Freaking Funny....

.... go here. Especially if you're among my scrapbooking friends. Hell, if you hate scrapbooking, go there!

Happy Independence Day....

...and of course, it's raining. My first paid holiday in THREE YEARS and it's RAINING. BFLH is strutting its stuff big style, lemme tell ya!

...may it be sunny and not hazy for fireworks tonight!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Another Day....

....another dollar, eh? So I get this call at 6:45 on Friday night. From work. They want me to go to a property today to help out a new property manager. First of the month and all that jazz. It's been interesting to say the very least. The girl is very nice. She's been with us a week, which is why they wanted me to help her out today. Unfortunately, the old owners of this property didn't do much to keep it up, so she and the corporate office will have their work cut out for them.

...other than that, not much new to report. We had a fairly good time at the reunion this past weekend. I long for the day when we don't have to sit around with a bunch of strangers and are able to just hang out with Aaron's mom's family and her family alone. But until a few more people pass away, that will never come to realization. Not that I mind doing this huge ordeal of a family reunion, but what do we do? Sit around with the family that we spend Christmas and other assorted holidays with. So why are we paying all this money to do that when we could go someplace fun and hang out? *sigh* It was OK, though. There are two new babies in the family since last year, and we had a blast getting to snuggle and play with them. The twins did pretty well, all things considered. Well, all things being no nap on Saturday afternoon.

...On Sunday, we came home and I went shoe shopping. I'm turning into quite the girlie-girl. And, well, a girl's gotta have new shoes! ;)