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Sunday, June 14, 2009

p90x, Locks Of Love....

So we've been busy the past few days/weeks/months.... and I know that I'm a very neglectful blogger. *grins* I've had a goofy first week of P90X. I started last Sunday, took Wednesday off, did three hours of working out (split into two one and a half hour stretches) on Thursday, took Saturday off, and did Kenpo X today while I should have been resting. I'm now on the schedule that everyone else would be on (most people seem to start on Mondays, it seems). I already feel more tone. I know that might seem crazy...but it's true. And I'm anxious to see if I can do a better job this next week on getting through the workouts. So far, so good...

Funny things that have happened this week..... Aaron was pulled over for crossing the white line. I think that the premise of this is a bit stupid... who hasn't bailed out to the right and driven for a bit on the shoulder when traffic is backed up and they're turning right? Anyway, he gets stopped. And lets me know that I NEED to sign the van's registration.... I question this, as the van's listed in BOTH of our names... Did he not sign it? When he says it's in my name only, I inform him that he gave the cop the WRONG registration. Kudos to the WPD for not catching that one... He did only get a warning, so I'll refrain from writing a letter.

Yesterday, we had a marathon day (hence the lack of a workout)... I got up at 6:30 to get the twins ready to go with me to the Carmel's Farmer's Market to work the Kiwanis breakfast brat stand. The Kiwanis sponsor our Boy Scout Troop so I feel compelled to give of my time. The money raised for the brats goes to things like scholarships (some for Westfield students as well as Carmel students) and Riley Children's Hospital. The last one really needs no explanation, eh? *winks* So after our two hour shift, we beat a path home, got ready, took Griffin to our friends' house, and went to a bridal shower. We eat, drink, and are merry. I go, pick up Griffin and then take the twins home to wrap a present and are just in time to get to a birthday party for one of Griffin's best friends. While they're at the party, I go to Westfield Middle School to witness my very first Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament, the Hoosier Open. I got to see my friend Josh roll.... he won the first one I saw, and lost the second. I'm so proud of him and so very happy that I got to see him compete! After that, the night calmed down, but we had Melissa, Brett, and Gavin over for some pizza and late-night laughter.

Today, Erin decided it was time to cut her hair. We've been growing it out for the last two years, and a few months ago, we talked about donating it to Locks of Love. Today was the day, and the pictures really need no explanation.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Day 2.... Plyometrics....

....OK, so anyone who has done the P90x program has used the term plyometrics. Usually in the same sentence as "sadistic bastard." I wholeheartedly agree. And, while I'm in decent shape already, this is by far the HARDEST workout I've ever done. Boys, don't read the next few lines.... I can judge a workout by whether or not I sweat through my sports bra. If just the bottom gets a little damp, I've had a workout, but kind of a wussy workout. If the whole underside of the bra is wet, I've really gotten it going. If the whole thing is wet? OMGWTFBBQ! I've not sweat through my clothes like this since I had to get through all four phases of a Dance Dance Revolution grouping.... Jerk It Out still gets me every time, and Video Killed the Radio Star is still very etched into my family's subconscious. Oh, right... P90X. So if you don't know what plyometrics is, it's basically workouts for sports-minded people. So if I were really wanting to train to be a cage-fighter, plyometrics would be a good idea. It's all about squats, lunges, and jumping. And let me tell you, I've done more jumping since high school dances when we all got crazy to Kris Kross. can also categorize working out into two different categories.... the kind that energizes you, and the kind that kicks your ass into next week. Karate, for me, is the first kind. I'm so energetic and ready to roll when I have a karate class (this also could mean that we don't work it very hard at class, but we'll not talk about that here). The two workouts I've done so far are the kick-your-ass-into-next-week variety. I'm anxious to see how long I can keep it going and whether or not I can build endurance so that this is something cool. We shall see!

....but so far, so good. I'm going to see how this will work. I'm going to tough out the next four weeks and see where I go from there. And if I tough out the next four weeks, I'm buying my own set of discs. The guy I am borrowing them from will need them back to do P90X Plus.... as if he's not ripped and psychotically fit enough already. He did warn me tonight, however, that plyo never gets easier.... I think I'm in for a long 12 weeks.... just sayin'.

Getting In Shape.... yesterday was the first day of P90X for me. Um....OK, I *thought* I was in shape. The first day, they pound you with Chest and Back and Abs. And if you have trouble doing push-ups, you'll loooove doing chin-ups! Because I don't have a bar, I did a modified workout with exercise bands, so I can't really tell you if I can do chin-ups or pull-ups. I think I'm going to have to go to the gym and see if I can do them... just to see. Unless I get a bar for my doorway at home.

...I am going to stick with this for as long as I can. And see where I go from there. But oy.... my armpits hurt....there are muscles in your armpits?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Turkey Run S.P. Saturday, Aaron worked on our back door (and that's all I shall say on the subject here...), so I was trying to figure out how to keep the twins occupied all day. Enter Nay.... Nay is a really good friend, who loves to be out in nature... Nay invites us to go to Turkey Run S.P. in Western Indiana.... She's cool with the twins, I'm cool with her two dogs, and off we go!

....and the pictures don't really do justice to how absolutely PERFECT the day went or how gorgeous the day was. I think it's safe to say that Nay and I were kind of nervous about how all our extra creatures would do.... But everyone was GREAT! We had minimal whining or bad behavior from both the twins and the dogs... and only one scary moment when trying to get up a waterfall.

....what surprised me most was just how awesome the twins were with getting dirty. They can be very skittish at times, so the fact that the trampsed through the puddles and got their whole bodies wet in the stream really impressed me.

....another thing that surprised me was just how much I enjoyed being out in nature. Even with two kindergarteners and two young puppies in tow, I was totally at peace. It was a great time, at a much NEEDED time.