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Monday, July 03, 2006

Another Day....

....another dollar, eh? So I get this call at 6:45 on Friday night. From work. They want me to go to a property today to help out a new property manager. First of the month and all that jazz. It's been interesting to say the very least. The girl is very nice. She's been with us a week, which is why they wanted me to help her out today. Unfortunately, the old owners of this property didn't do much to keep it up, so she and the corporate office will have their work cut out for them.

...other than that, not much new to report. We had a fairly good time at the reunion this past weekend. I long for the day when we don't have to sit around with a bunch of strangers and are able to just hang out with Aaron's mom's family and her family alone. But until a few more people pass away, that will never come to realization. Not that I mind doing this huge ordeal of a family reunion, but what do we do? Sit around with the family that we spend Christmas and other assorted holidays with. So why are we paying all this money to do that when we could go someplace fun and hang out? *sigh* It was OK, though. There are two new babies in the family since last year, and we had a blast getting to snuggle and play with them. The twins did pretty well, all things considered. Well, all things being no nap on Saturday afternoon.

...On Sunday, we came home and I went shoe shopping. I'm turning into quite the girlie-girl. And, well, a girl's gotta have new shoes! ;)


Anonymous Judy said...

What is the deal with tomorrow being a holiday? Neither my local scrapbook store nor the local yarn store are open, so I just don't see the point in pretending it is a festive day. What's a girl to do? Fireworks at 10PM?! C'mom! I can barely stay awake that long myself without losing my patience, and I should take my kids out in public to see fireworks?

I think that in the future, fireworks should be on the 3rd and we can all sleep in and enjoy the 4th. Right now most people will be getting up for work on the 5th after having been awake far too long with cranky children on the 4th. Let's change the world. There just isn't much to do on the 4th but sit around and wait for the fireworks. I suppose I should have shopped ahead today and gotten craft supplies so my husband can entertain the kids tomorrow while I entertain myself with crafts. I should keep dreamin'.....

7:39 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

At least you know they like you enough to send you out in public. You know you aren't an embarrassment to the company. But you can't be the office manager if you aren't there to manage it. Now they have to add to your title, and I think, to your pay. Should I tell them for you?

10:14 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

I have to agree with Judy's post here...What good is having a day off when you can't spend money??

A girly girl needs shoes and...craft supplies! (smiles!)

11:10 AM

Blogger Cath said...

Pictures of the shoes please!

2:18 PM


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