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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Long Time.....

I can't believe how long it goes between posts these days..... that's what happens when you're busy, I suppose....

My life has largely revolved around Crossfit, running, Boy/Cub Scouts, camping, karate and family right now. I am spreading myself a bit thin... this I know.

Crossfit: I've been going to a boot camp class twice a week for the past ten weeks now. I have hated and loved every minute of it. Testing my body in ways I've never really done has been a good thing for me. The people at the gym have been really uplifting and supportive. That is the Crossfit way.

Running: I've still been running between two and four days a week. It's been hard to get in all the runs because of various commitments and weather. But because I've been doing Crossfit, running has been getting easier for me. My partners' dog is getting older and is starting to slip health-wise, so running the entire length has been hard for him. Therefore, we've been adjusting our workouts around him. One of us walks with him while the other sprints out and back. Then we switch. It's been good, but it's hard on my shins.... ice is certainly my friend.

Scouts: boy, oh, boy! I never wanted the Scouts to take over my life, despite the fact that it's been a good thing for my boys. We don't do church youth groups, so this is the closest thing that they have to it. The emphasis placed on good character, enjoyment and respect of the outdoors, success in life, and fellowship is what keeps our family involved. Erin is in Girl Scouts, but they historically don't do as much as the BSA does, which is unfortunate. So, since Erin knows many Cub Scouts because of Griffin, she will be attending Cub Scout camp as a Tag-Along. She finds this funny, since it's also a GS Cookie! My vacation days are slowly dwindling away, largely because of Scouts. But I'm spending time with my kids... time that will not be regained.

Karate: I really wish that there was enough time in my day to be all that I want in karate. there just isn't right now. I really need to carve out the time to practice more, despite having little space to do it. We'll see. It takes some adjustment on my part, but I feel the need to keep going.

Family: we've had some great family time recently. At the beginning of the month, we went to Rend Lake, IL to celebrate my parents' 25th wedding anniversary, which was in March. Our entire family rented two cabins and we spent the weekend together. It was fun and relaxing, which was a pleasant surprise for all. Everyone got a long and we had some time to have fun as a family.... which is a nice change from the hurried obligatory feeling that the holidays bring.

This past weekend, we went to Springmill SP in southern Indiana and camped. We went with a friend's family and had another nice time. Since we were so close to Huntingburg, my mom came up to hang out with us, as my dad had to work the whole day. We took a canoe trip through one of the Twin Caves, and hung out at the camp site. After my dad got off work, we met him in French Lick at a place called Jody's. It was so good to see my dad on Father's Day. I can't tell you the last time I did see him on Father's Day.

Life is busy. But life is good.