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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

And She's In Disguise.... I went out with my friend Judy today for lunch to Wendy's. I got there first, and was standing in line with my back toward the door. She came in, thinking it could POSSIBLY be me, but wasn't for sure. Too funny...she didn't recognize me in a dress. I highly doubt she's EVER seen me in a dress!

....Can I just say how wigged-out happy I am that Thursday night, I get to go out again like a big girl?? Katie's sister is going to have a bachelorette party in downtown Indy, and it looks like, with the exchange of playing hotel, I get to crash the party! WOOOTT!! get everyone out of the woodwork....which drinks should I try? I'm not a big beer fan, so what else is good? And no Jaegermeister. That shit's distilled in hell. But aside from other reasonable drink suggestion will be turned down. *winks* So come one, come all, to make suggestions for me for Thursday. I will give full reports of just how crazy I acted, as well as how sick I got on Friday! hehe


Anonymous Judy said...

No, I have never seen you in a dress and I so rarely stare at you from behind. Let me say this, nice dress, cute backpack, sexy shoes. No wonder the other ladies in the office aren't so sure about you. No one likes a hottie who asks for more work to do and is amazingly competent.

Drinks?! What do I know? I like most beers and love all fruity slushy drinks, so I really have no idea since my drinking has not matured out of the collegiate level.

6:50 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dry vodka martini
dirty martini if you like olives and olive juice
slo-gin fizz (not all bars downtown have or know what slo-gin is, but they have it at howl at the moon)
cosmo if you like cranberry juice
peach bellini
turkey and seven (wild turkey and seven up, also known to some as a whiskey pres)
amaretto and coke (tastes like dr. pepper)
amaretto sour or amaretto stone sour

Have fun, don't try them all, and if you get downtown and need a dd call. Matt and I still have the dd schtick down. (email for number)

oh and pay attention to where you park. the mall parking is good but only one garage is open past midnight and it sucks to pay $20 to get your car out of the garage.


9:05 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

Are you working on Friday??? This I can't wait to here! One time I went to work with a hangover. The xray tech who I worked with covered for me the entire day...Not a pretty sight and I haven't done it again.

I am more clueless about drinks than anyone so sorry, I can't help.

Hoping you can get out for a wee little while on Wednesday. Steph and I and Judy are getting about it?

9:24 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

for a moment, there, nay, i thought you were wanting me to get alcohol poisoning!! *winks*

thanks for the offer of are sweet to offer that to drunk people you haven't met in person (though i would really love love love to meet up with you guys for a double date or cookout or something!!)...i think that one of the bridal party (or me...sniff, sniff) will be a DD.

i will let you know which drinks i try.... and give a full report! ;)

9:26 PM

Blogger Cath said...

And where are the pictures of you in said dress?
Can't go wrong with a Vodka Lemonade :)

5:09 AM

Blogger nain said...

I like beer - a nice dark stout, but....nothing says dancing on the bar like a couple long island iced me - it does the trick. Hope you have fun!

9:51 AM


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