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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I'm Going Out.... a big girl. For an adult beverage after work with a co-worker. I don't remember ever doing this, so I'm a tad excited! hehe I think we're going to have a bit o'luck o'the irish and go to Muldoon's. Go me. Of course, if I can't get something VERY mild, I just might only get a diet Coke. I know. Loser.


Anonymous Judy said...

A neighbor friend (Neighbor L)asked me to go to the movies on Thursday to see "The Devil Wears Prada." We were going to go to a matinee show so I would only have to get sitting for Seth as Noah is at day camp till 3. Now I can't go, Neighbor M and I share carpool duties to/from camp and I need to pick up on Thursday so neighbor M can go to the doctor, and I will be watching her kids instead. So, I asked Neighbor M to watch my kids for about 90 minutes on Fri so Neighbor L and I can go to the movie and catch a late afternoon matinee. Neighbor M proceeds to tell me how Noah is so hard...what if he isn't in a good mood....we all know how he can be....etc..

I am in tears. Fucking Bitch Meighbor M. Yes, we all know how Noah is, certainly I don't need to reminded, I LIVE with him for Pete's sake!)he's mostly pleasant but mainly full of energy/hyper. He plays with her son pretty well till her son starts lying or stealing. I try not to recant all the shit her kid pulls when I have him (which is plenty!)but I always cheerfully agree to watch him anyway, knowing all moms need a break. The end of the story is, yes, I can go with Neighbor L to the movie but not without a horrible guilt trip first. Thank you Neighbor M for being such a bitch about the fact that I finally asked for a favor in return.

4:59 PM

Blogger nain said...

So, what drink did you have?

and Judy, sorry about your neighbor, she does sound like a bitch.

11:36 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

Today neighbor M calls to tell me that she saw the Dr Phil show the other day about bad kids, and maybe Noah isn't really on the Autism spectrum, maybe he really is just a rotten kid. Guess I'd better tell the two PhD's who both independently gave the same diagnosis that my know it alll neighbor has a different diagnosis. He's just rotten (and perhaps I suck as a parent?) Thank God for caller ID, I think I'll stop answeering the phone when she calls.

1:15 PM

Blogger a very tired mommy said...

OMFG, JUDY!!!! I'm so going to take her out. I called your house last night to say as much after reading your comment, but now i think i'm DEFINITELY going to take her out. gimme her number. i'll so fax her phone number. it's most annoying! ROFL

4:22 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

I have a church meeting tonight so I won't be home tonight either. I am sooo tired. It's been such a long summer for me,and we are only half through. We go on vacation next week (Friday) for gatlinburg again. Maybe I'll feel better then.

4:31 PM

Blogger nain said...

wow, that lady is SO out of line. She just up and calls you to tell you that you have a rotten kid and to diagnose your kid after watching Dr. Phil? Lady needs to mind her own damn business!

10:25 PM

Anonymous Beth Allen said...

A diet coke? AWWW C'mon!! LOL

10:29 AM

Blogger novaks8 said...

Be honest Judy!
Tell the neighbor that her comments were inappropriate and they hurt your feelings.

Tell her that you are SURE of the diagnosis and ask her if she would make such comments about a friend's child who had cancer or a missing limb.

Would she tell that friend that "your son is just such a chore to take care of" or "with that leg missing, it's just a pain because he can't keep up"

tell her!
Print this comment out and SHOW her.
Or email or write a letter if it is hard for you to talk to her about it.

If she is any kind of a person she will feel ashamed and apologize.

If not?
With friends like that...who needs enemies?

3:29 PM


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