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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Griffin's Funnies As Of Late really do say the darndest things. Griffin has really been on his game lately.

For example, Aaron's mom got the twins Blue's Clues dolls. Erin got Magenta, cos she has glasses, you know, and Griffin got Blue. About a month ago, we were hanging out, and all of a sudden, Griffin says, "Look, Mom, Blue's got a Valentine on her butt!" The said "Valentine" was none other than the TY heart on the tag. Was soooo cute.

Another. Griffin is obsessed with being like me. Not dad. Me. So, he will join Erin in trying on my bras, and will say things like he can't wait to get his own. That, in and of itself is funny enough. But tonight, I get home from work and lay down a bit before supper. He joins me, and begins telling me how he wants to go back to the sprinkler park (we went on Sunday). "And you can wear your bra, Mommy." Meaning, my swimsuit top. Too cute, he is.

Anyway, a few funnies for you guys.


Blogger Auntie said...

Griffin and Erin are ADORABLE little shit heads aren't they...

8:41 PM

Anonymous StephEnie said...

I love hearing about your kids - soooo cute!!!!

8:20 AM


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