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Thursday, July 20, 2006


...well, only for driving. In three weeks, I shall be getting glasses. They're a plum color, but metal, since I couldn't find any plastic tortise-shell-looking ones that I thought looked remotely good on me. I BARELY need them, but would feel a bit better with them on while driving...and looking at menus in fast food restaurants. haha

...and can I just take a minute and whine about my luck?? No? Well, fuck off, cos I'm going to anyway. Every time I make prior lunch plans with someone, they get messed up. Well, mostly with my friends Rebecca and Laura. Laura works at the same company as me, but is a property manager. So, that I CAN blame on work. Rebecca, however, I can simply blame on bad fucking luck. Pass the cheese, please.


Anonymous Judy said...

Thanks for the explanation. Pop is not able to sit around long at my house, because as soo as I get my hands on some, I drink it. Seriously, though, I will need to remember not to leave pop in the back of the van, which I am prone to do as it too heavy to be hauled in with the groceries and I go back for it later,when I am not so bitter about not having help haul stuff in.

2:00 PM

Blogger nain said...

ah, man, I wish I had time or money for lunch plans! 9 hours of studying a day really doesn't allow for that, so pass me some of that cheese too - as long as it's soy cheese b/c I can't eat dairy :-) On second thought, you have the cheese, I'll just take the wine...btw, aren't you drinking heavily tonight or tomorrow?

10:13 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

Okay, since you haven't signed in and said hello to me today...I guess it means you are TOASTED and COULDN'T GET OUT OF BED THIS MORNING FOR WORK! IM me chick!

10:07 AM


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