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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Communication is Key.... ANY relationship, be it marriage, working, or otherwise. The second choice is what we shall expand upon today. Today, I go into the office to be greeted by more than one odd look, asking me "aren't you supposed to be at "XYZ property" the rest of the week?" To which I simply shrugged my shoulders and told them that I wasn't aware that I was to be out of the office the entire week. For as great as the people I work for are, there is a HUGE lack of communication going on around there. Sometimes I feel like one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. Which is bound to happen with a whole bunch of men, I suppose. *winks at dear boss who likely doesn't read this rag anyway* So, ultimately it was decided that I would divide my time the rest of this week between the office and the aforementioned property. THIS, my friends, is why I have a gas allowance. My ass shall decrease in intensity with all the running around I'll be doing, it seems.

...Hope everyone is having a good week. Give a shout out to my friend, Julie, who not only sold me a stellar bracelet and earring set, but quit doing daycare to start a new job, too!


Anonymous Judy said...

Uh, is Julie the person who was supposed to be watching your kiddos in the fall? What now for you?

10:35 AM


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