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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend Update.... the weekend's been busy so far. We usually don't have so much going on. Friday night, we had no formal plans, but wound up in Julie and Marty's driveway, chatting with them and their neighbors. It was nice to just chill out like that.

...yesterday, however, was a big day. I went shopping in the morning for the two birthday parties we had this weekend. Then we went to Dante's birthday party. It was fun. We hung out and ate ourselves full of picnic food.

...after the party, we came back to our house, where we had a party of our own. A few of the moms from our preemie mom message board came over and we had sloppy joes, mac-n-cheese, and other assorted picnic food. It was so nice to have everyone at my house. So relaxing for everyone. Not one of the preemies was over 28 weeks gestation. Griffin was the biggest preemie, weighing in at 2lbs. 2oz. And the kids are all over a year, the youngest turning 2 in November. It was so nice to keep the kids in a location where they could run and not have to be still. Anywhere else we would have gone would have made it MISERABLE for the mommies. So I loved having everyone over.

...this afternoon, we're going to yet another birthday party. This time, it's to Robert's house. Griffin is very excited to celebrate with his two best friends. I, however, am mourning the loss of a relaxing weekend. lol

...tomorrow's back to the grind. Did everyone else have a good weekend?


Anonymous Judy said...

I hate daylight Savings Time. I want more daylight in the winter, when we really need it. we don't eat on time, I can't get the kids in for baths, they won't go to bed, all the other kids are out running the neighborhood. OH! You should hear the screamimg! (And that's just the parents..)

6:46 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Last week for a few minutes, neighbors figured out that if you log into your kids' PowerSchool account, it listed who their new teachers would be. So, I logged in. I asked Neighbor M where the "Tired of Red Apples?" forms were, you know, who in the PTO has them in the summer. She said "You aren't going to start buying them stuff already are you?" Well, I just wanted to see them to find out a little something more about my kids' soon to be teachers, hobbies, family info, etc....And if I did want to start stocking up on teacher gifts, so what?! I hate her more everyday.

The person who has the forms had some minor surgery, so I will wait a bit before I ask her for them.

6:50 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Why am I the only one who comments these days? Oh, I see, you all have a life!

I need help. My washing machine died mid cycle. Actually, it still works, you can turn it on and get water, but it doesn't spin anymore. The water drains out, but I still have a sopping mess of clothes in the washer that haven't SPUN. I called Sears, they can come next Monday. I need someone to come sooner, as I'd like to have clean clothes to take on vacation this weekend. Anyone around here know who I can call to come fix this dern thing?

3:38 PM

Blogger Katie said...

It was an okay weekend, we were the "Poster Family for Birth Control" for my sister and her fiance...

8:05 PM

Blogger nain said...

I'm going to comment too since Judy feels like she's the only person commenting. So I get an email from my good friend Marysa telling me about how hung over she is today, and I want to physically hurt her b/c I don't know how long it has been since I've been drunk, or hell, how long it's been since I haven't been studying. Studying sucks. 7 days....

Oh, and Katie - Love the birth control poster family reference...I used to feel that way when I walked into Steph's daycare :-) 8 or more toddlers at once...enough to scare me off wanting kids! ok, back to studying...

8:16 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

I normally comment...*sigh*

10:19 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

The neighbor M saga continues. Let me state for the record why I still talk to her.....because she calls me and I answer the phone.

She calls yesterday to tell me that she knows someone who has a kid with ADHD problems and their doc prescribed adderall and it worked like a charm. Why don't I get some for Noah? So I told her, "Didn't you call last week to tell me that maybe he didn't need medicine, that he was just a rotten kid?" She tried to tell me something about Dr Phil and I just changed the subject. If only ADHD was the main concern! The main concern is that he has behavioral issues/anger management problems. Lack of attention i could live with, name calling and defiance is so much harder.

At any rate, I ignored her, changed subjects and never gave her a straight answer.

11:01 AM

Blogger Cath said...

Sounds like you had a blast with the other preemie mums. Just wish i lived closer!
Looking forward to the pictures!
Miss chatting with ya girlie!

5:16 AM


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