Life as a reformed Zookeeper. Now living a life as a working mother who dabbles in karate, scrapbooking, and Coors Light!

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


...absolutely nothing much going on around here at all. I'm working to arrange payments for my medical bills. The hospital will do amazing things with that. Hopefully I'll get them all paid off soon. Two grand. YIKES!

...I've been accused by both Aaron and a friend of mine for micro-managing the twins at karate. Aaron seems to think that this is why Erin doesn't want me on the mat during their classes. So I accused my friend of being a traitor. 'Cos that's what she is. All I did was make sure that they were punching and kicking with the right feet and turn them around when they were turned wrong. Can't help it. The instructor did say that they did very well for their first class.

...Other than that, I got nothing. At all. My life is the same old, same old.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BFL family strikes again... the Born-Fucking-Loser Family syndrome is still upon us. You see, everyone in Aaron's family celebrates their birthday by getting a meal of their choice, courtesy of Momma and Poppa B, and the rest of the family comes to celebrate. Well, if you've been following along the past few months, my kids have spent much of the time ill. We're finally in a stretch (three weeks, knocking on wood, tossing salt, avoiding black cats and ladders) where we HAVEN'T been sick. So what happens? The littlest Byers (who is my niece, by the way), comes down with a viral throat infection. Damn. So we forego the birthday pizza. We will be treating Alaina to supper sometime this week. And the present that Aaron picked out was a lot of fun, too. despite the fact that Alaina was five people shy on her birthday, we did celebrate with her on Saturday and the celebration will continue throughout the week.

...the other bonus is that our scheduling conflicts of the night were minimized. The twins were able to start karate and Collin was able to get to his Boy Scout meeting. speaking of the twins and karate, they did very well, considering they're just five. We only had one time where Erin trotted off the mat to cry on Aaron's shoulder. She wasn't supposed to turn around to run back to her spot after doing a flying side kick. One of the karate rules is that you're not supposed to let the instructor see your back. Well...both kids did it. And both had to go back up and walk backwards like they were supposed to. This apparently hurt Erin's feelings, so she went to cry on Aaron's shoulder. Too funny. Erin also informed me that she doesn't want me on the mat when she's at karate. Griffin does, however, so I guess I'll be taking turns with being on and off the mat during their classes.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Say It Ain't So! I just got back from Steak n' Shake. Yes, I really am attempting to be a better girl and bring my lunch. I ate the yogurt at 9:00 and the sandwich was gone by 11:30, along with a granola bar. But I was STILL hungry. I feel like the Hungry Little Caterpillar. ANYWAY, I digress. I went to Steak n' Shake to get a Chocolate Mint Milkshake. Only for them to tell me that they don't sell it anymore. You've so gotta be kidding me. Am heartbroken. HEARTBROKEN, I say!

Coors Light...

...the puke limit is eight for me. Just so you know.

Happy Birthday to Alaina! She's a young 27 today. She's also the reason I know my Coors Light puke limit, as we went out to celebrate her birthday. We spent our time at the Beer Sellar on 82nd Street in Indy. Then made our way to Hooters. It was Hooters that put me over the top. Because when you've had as much beer as I did on Saturday, one more seems like such a good idea.

Sunday was spent in hangover hell. It was about five o'clock in the evening before I felt human again.

I think perhaps I'm too old for that kind of thing.

Anyway, the twins start karate this week. I've decided that we're taking over Westfield Family Karate one Byers at a time. This time, it's two Byers' though. They're pretty made up about it. Am a bit nervous, but know that they're likely going to be fine.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Karate Tournament... this was a picture from March's karate tournament. I think that Collin and I will try the May one. I feel much better after all this ordeal, so I'm ready to get my ass kicked again. *wink*
(Collin is the black helmet)
...not much ado Chez Byers. My dad's been in town. So there has been much talk of politics and the Masonic Lodge. He did take me out for a beer last night, though, which proved to be the shock of the century. He chatted it up with my karate friend. Was funny. I made him drive me home. Two beers and Skelaxin, and I was tipsy.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Addictive Personalities.... high in my family. We're starting them young. Griffin is a pretty funny little gamer, too. He knows more about what's going on with that kind of thing than I do, certainly. And for his birthday, Aaron bought an extra guitar for Guitar Hero. Let the games begin!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bored... I'm feeling restless in my life right now. I wish that I had a job that required brain power. I like WHERE I work, but lack mental stimulation. I have a brain up there, even if it doesn't seem it. And I'd like to use it. There is a lot to be said for a challenge.

...clandestine surfing of the internet brought me here yesterday. "How very fun and cute!" I thought. Little did I know that later on that evening, I would discover it in my door. It's MINE, folks. All MINE! Thanks for the laugh, Judy! I'm going to try sparring tonight. Thanks to nearly 100 worth of pharmaceuticals, I think I'll feel up to it. Seriously....does the phrase "Holy shit!" come up several times a day in the pharmacy?

Monday, April 21, 2008

Busy Weekend... against better judgement I did the Race for the Cure this weekend. I've seriously not walked that much in a long time. Five miles is a lot when you're a sedentary bitch like me. (***ETA that I know the race itself was only 3 miles, but I figure I probably walked about a mile each way to my car...) So I took a nap Saturday afternoon. We called some friends on a whim and went to hang out with them. We ate at a dive of an Irish pub and tried to contain our five children. The kids played together nicely, which I love. And the girls all decided that they NEEDED to go to the bathroom simultaneously. Which is all good, unless it's a TINY bathroom. Tiny.

...Sunday found me up early again to help out with a Boy Scout pancake breakfast. It was in efforts to raise money for one of the boy's Eagle Project. He did pretty well, and is on his way to raising money. But he's got a ways to go, I think. He's busted major hump to get things under way, and it brings tears to my eyes that he's worked so hard. His project is to renovate a bathroom in his church where the homeless women of our area come to wash and to clean their children. A HUGE undertaking. But he's doing it. The boy is just a wonderful kid, and I'm glad that he is Collin's friend.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I couldn't if I tried... deny this child is mine. This is one of the first pics that she's taken where I'm taken aback at how much she really does look like me. Everyone tells me she does. I suppose I didn't believe it until now. did anyone else feel the Earth move today? Here in Indiana, we had a bit of an earthquake. It was moderate, and most people didn't sustain any damage because of it. So why in the hell did I miss out on the snarky political stuff on the Today Show? Come on, people!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Good Mood...

...I'm in a good mood. The sun is shining today. It's warm outside. And you all know my affinity for driving my car with the windows down, the sunroof open, and the music blaring. Yes. All three will be happening today.

...Had a leisurely lunch with Judy today. Was so good to catch up. Have been feeling like I've left a lot of people behind when I went into my cocoon of not feeling well.

...I feel better and better. Which I can't tell you how happy it makes me. I've not felt this good since January. January is when the naggy aches in my back started. And that's about where I am again. I'll take it, let me tell you. I can function with the dull aches of old age and too much activity. I can't take the pains of what the worst of this whole ordeal were. Am making strides to take care of myself.

...Went to karate class last night. Was a ton of fun. At our adult class, we had a special instructor come in and teach us some Phillipino Stick Fighting. Loads of fun. You see. I have little hand-eye coordination. So working with something like this helps me develop it. And I was actually starting to get the hang of it. My hands tingle today, but it was fun.

...Happy pretty Thursday to all. Am wishing you well, blog-land!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Retail Therapy.... I'm going to May Day 08 at Verizon Wireless Music Center. Am excited at the thought. 3 Doors Down, Seether, and Finger Eleven... plus some people I don't know. All in one night. So May 24th, you shall find me drunk on the lawn. It's a Coors Light you know what I'll be drinking!

...Did sparring class for the first time in a month and a half. Funnily enough, my sensei has had muscle spasms in his back, too. He, too, got all kinds of testing. So that makes me feel less psycho...shuddup, all of you who can already atest to my psychosis! He gave me some good ideas on how to make myself feel better. He did give me the bad news that this is probably going to be a life-long struggle, though. *sigh* He also recommend taking it easy. But it was good to work out again, even if I'm a bit sore today.

...I think I've already discussed my thoughts on being Midas' archnemesis. You know how everything he touched turned to gold...well, everything I touch usually turns to shit. Including my hair. Have severe inability to do my own hair...let alone Erin's. Well, I broke down and bought a flat iron the other night. It was that or cut my hair way short again. After a few not-so-good-looking attempts, I've got a new 'do. And I look fairly decent. We'll see if my lazy ass can keep this up.

...And, finally, Erin has once again proven that, despite my occasional denial, she really is MY daughter. Yesterday afternoon found her with a HUGE splinter in her knee. It wasn't some little thing that is hard to get out. Nope. It was massive. And she absolutely HOWLED. "Yikes! Yikes! DON'T HURT ME!" Oh, my, I can remember saying some of the same things as a young girlie. And, for whatever reason, I, too, always seemed to find the splinters. She's still talking about how bad it hurts. Here's hoping Neosporin did the trick, and we won't find ourselves with an infection. But yes....she's mine. The cuteness...and the not-so cuteness. I'll keep her.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Will Never Know...

....what caused all that pain. It's fading day by day, which I'm so thankful for. But I am officially healthy as a horse, according to all the freaking tests they've run. And really, after spending 1,500 (or whatever they're going to charge me for that stupid kidney scope), what's another hundred or so to make sure all my internal organs are in tact? I still have pain occasionally, but am now the proud owner of some pain patches (not the heating/cooling ones that you get OTC, but pain medicine patches), and some muscle relaxers. Get this..the name? Skelaxin. Just makes me think of "chillax". So...I'm feeling a bit like a hypochondriac, but I swear to everything that my pain was real. And it's just really bad luck on my part that it coincided with blood in my urine. So the end result is that they are leaning toward a karate injury...whether it be a back or kidney bruise...resulting in muscle spasm. We'll see. If it fades away and just doesn't come back, I'll be happy.

....So my poor little girlie. Yesterday she comes home and says "Mommy, my breath is really stinky." Mind you, it does stink, even days when she's NOT got congestion (as she does of late). She doesn't have good breath. Never has. And in the's nearly toxic! Anyway...I ask her "Who told you this?" Thinking, of course, that she's paid attention when I say that in the morning when I get her up. Nope. It's worse. It's her BEST FRIENDS saying this. Of course, in all honestly, wouldn't you rather hear that kind of thing from people who love you, rather than the shitheads of the earth? But anyway, I was sad for her, and had her split a piece of gum with Griffin on the way in to school, telling them to spit it out when they got there. Which they did. But I felt heartsick for her.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Back Pain and Breaking Benjamin....

...totally unrelated... the doctor left a message on my phone on Friday night. She didn't mention anything about the crap on my liver, which was odd. She did mention, however that I really do have a cyst on my kidney, albeit a small one. Still left to wonder what the hell is going on in my body, and seriously am considering going to a chiropractor. Who the hell knows at this point?

...I *heart* Breaking Benjamin. I bought their "Phobia" album a month or so ago, and have listened to it to the point of wearing it out. So, hospital bills be damned, I went ahead and bought their older album "We Are Not Alone." It's even better than the first. Love, love, love it! And, of course, I nearly have it memorized already.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Damn, Was I Ever Hungry!

I didn't eat AT ALL until 3:00 today. I didn't know that it was going to take so long for the CT....that Big Mac and fries never tasted so good!

So the tech told me that they did a third pic to get a better look at the crap on my liver. We shall see what they say. Best case scenario is that it's just an hemangioma. But it would also probably mean that it's NOT the source of my back pain. But maybe I was meant to have some bad pain so that this could be found out. Who knows. It could be something serious. But it probably isn't. I'm a little concerned, but trying to remain calm until next week happens.

At least I don't think I'll have to give up karate if I have a bad liver. I might have to give up Coors Light pints, though! ;-)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Am Seething...

....Livid doesn't describe how upset I am at this point. I had a CT without contrast back in the first week of March. Over a month ago. I find out this morning that it showed a cyst on my liver. Um...Hello? Of course, cyst on the liver are more often than not benign, but why wouldn't he want to look into that, along with the host of other things that he's had me do? So now I'm going tomorrow for a CT scan WITH contrast of my abdomen. That should have been done a month ago. I could have been spared half of the things that I've gone through over the past month if he'd just read the stupid chart from top to bottom, instead of just concentrating on my kidney.

....On a lighter note, the furnace dude called my husband and will be at my house hopefully after lunch today. Here's hoping that it can be fixed in time for the cold weather this weekend!

*********E.T.A.....Heard from MY DOCTOR today, and she gave me reassurance about the situation. No, he'd not just been sitting on it. The liver thing was something typically insignificant that usually wouldn't cause pain, but something they would keep an eye on. So he didn't just overlook it. He just wasn't thinking that it would be the cause of the pain. She also told me that she was wanting a bit more information on the cystoscopy/ureteroscopy, but the urologist didn't give her anything. See why I love that man? grrr.

.....Also got the low-down on my furnace. It will be over 500 to fix...probably more like 1000. Woot! Lovin' it!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Why I love being a mom... get to embarrass your kids....

Case In Point:
It's been really lovely as far as the weather goes around here lately. And if you read my post in October about how to turn a car into a fishbowl, you know that I love, love, love having my little red car with the sunroof. Love it. So on nice days the windows are down, the sunroof is open, and my flavor-of-the-month cd is playing. Very loudly. And I'm singing along. Very loudly. So last night after karate class, I assume normal activity. Collin's in the backseat. And he's MORTIFIED. When I realize the mortification that is ensuing in my backseat, it tickles me. He says, "But Mom, other people have their windows down, and the music is making the car and the pavement shake!" And, being the mean, mean person that I am, I play it up. A lot. I turn the music up even louder, and sing even louder. I tell Collin that if he's that embarrassed to slouch back in his seat and put his head down. And when we get to the stoplight at our street, I tell him that if he doesn't sing along, I will drive really slowly around our neighborhood, still listening to the music, still singing to the top of my lungs. Of course I didn't do this to him. But to see him laugh and squirm was fodder for the best laughter that I've had in a long time.

Another Case In Point:
Have to write this one down before I forget about it. Because, I will forget, no matter how hard I try. And it's one of the cutest things I've heard in a long time. Griffin and Erin are talking to another boy at karate last night (no..they've not started yet..Aaron dropped off Collin because I beat a path there after work to help out). The boy, coincidentally, happens to be the boy I used to watch and the only daycare experience that ended very badly. Yes...I've FINALLY let go of the grudge! ANYWAY, I digress. They were talking and playing a bit, and all of a sudden, Griffin asks Aaron... "Daddy, where do we live?"...Aaron says, "Westfield"... Griffin goes back to the boy and says..."No, we don't live in Indiana...we live in Westfield." Love the singlemindedness of a five year old.

**** Updated to add.... the Born-Fucking-Losers title has been reinstated as my last name until further notice. Aaron's birthday dinner tonight might have to be postponed...again...all of the family is having a hard time staying healthy. And, due to strict tradition, everyone must be present to have dinner. Or, at least I would hope that everyone would be present. I feel badly for Aaron, but also for his dad, who's fallen ill with the flu. ACK! Plus...the furnace dude forgot about us in the mad dash of keeping apartment communities afloat on a skeleton crew. So, we're in danger of not having heat for the weekend...when it's 20 out. Here's hoping he can squeeze us in by Friday so that we don't go without heat.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'm Glowing...

...ok, not really. But currently I am in between being injected with radioactive dye and getting a bone scan. For the pain on my side, which is suspiciously close to my kidneys, we're investigating my bones in that area now. This could turn up nothing...but looks for a host of things like fractures or other nastier things. We'll see. I'm not holding my breath for any answers.

...Aaron had a shitty birthday yesterday. No fun to be catching puke and going to the doc's when you should be getting your party on. Erin has an ear infection and respiratory stuff. Griffin has a sinus infection and needs the neb again. We should get frequent flyer miles from the doc's offices these days. St. Vincent's is making a killing off us! Matt and Nay did take Aaron out for a drink, though, which was very nice.

Monday, April 07, 2008

It just gets better and better.... I'm back to the same level of pain that I was in before the scope. That's a blessing. I did go back to the doc on Friday...I'm not sure at this point how comfortable I am with this guy, but he seems to want to help me figure out what's going on. He sent me for more bloodwork and tomorrow I will be going for a bone scan. Yippy skippy. I'm not sure it's my bones, but we'll see. At this point in the game, I've already hit my maximum out of pocket for the year, so I'm going to figure out what the hell's wrong.

...another bit of happy news is that my furnace blew out yesterday. Will have someone come look at it this week. Thank goodness it's now warm outside!

...the best bit of news for the weekend was that we got together with Matt and Nay yesterday. It was relaxing (for me...I'm wondering how relaxing it was for them to have our crazy quintet at their house...but I think we didn't break anything, so that's good!). And that's just what I need right now. Of course, part of the reason it was so relaxing for me was the five bottles of beer I had while there.... Anyway, thanks, guys!

****Edited to Add.... so the twins are now sick. We might have a comforter to add to the list of shit we need to spend money on.

"If it weren't for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all....."

Friday, April 04, 2008

To Hell And Back And Back Again...

...isn't that another name for the Lord of the Rings novels? Well...that's pretty much where I stand with the level of pain I've been through the last week. I got that surgical procedure on Monday, which left me in more pain than the original pain. And I've got no further answers. Am fed up.