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Friday, May 21, 2010

Paradigm Shift.... life is going through a change. Over the past year, I've been slowing down on karate, which I love. The reason this is happening, is because I slowly came to realize that I wasn't seeing my kids very much. Not kissing them goodnight. Most of the classes that I go to are during their bedtime. I can't keep doing that. Pretty soon, they won't care if I tuck them in at night, and go through the five minute rigmarole that is our crazy little tradition.

...So, of course, what do I do? Go to extremes in good Steph fashion and sign on for Cub Scout duty. And, while this is more for the benefit of my sons (because I'm actually spending a little MORE time with Collin than I otherwise would, and being involved in Cub Scouts also ties me more into being in tune with Boy Scouts, which Collin has ramped up his involvement over the past few months), it's still taking me away from the kids to a degree.

...last night was my first Pack Meeting as Cubmaster. And, being that I'm a Byers, the plan wasn't carried out exactly as it was laid out. But, being involved in Scouts has taught me nothing if it's not taught me to "Be Prepared," and contingency plans were in line. Of course, there is no contingency plan for not being on time due to traffic, so by the time I got home, I sat down to a hurried meal and was about to blow a gasket. Griffin knew that it was a Pack Meeting, and asked me what we were doing. "Buddy, you're going to graduate to Wolf tonight." I told him. His face lit up, and he said "Really? I'm SO excited" (lisp and all). That, my friends, is why I'm doing it. I didn't WANT this job. I didn't want to shift my life like this. But I did. And that is why.