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Thursday, April 08, 2010

So Close to Adulthood, Still Stuck In Childhood

Collin never ceases to amaze me with how grown up he looks and often acts. The transformation has happened in a few short years. He's often sarcastic and wickedly funny..... yet there are times when he shows that he's definitely still a child.

Case in point. This past week has been Spring Break. While many of our friends have headed for warmer destinations, we don't have the time or money to go on a Spring Break trip.... and nor do many of our neighbors. This is an awesome time for the boys in the 'hood to play together without the worries of school and homework cutting their time short. So, Collin has been playing a lot with his friends. And, with the unseasonably warm weather we've been experiencing, the wildlife is booming around us. The bees and wasps have come out in full force. The boys decided that they needed to eradicate the bees and wasps, and therefore went on a hunt for them. Their first mode of attack? Squirt guns. Upon finding the squirt gun a less than suitable means of killing off the pests, my son decides to grab a broom. All fine and dandy if you're hunt wasps in trees and swingsets. Not so fine if you're hunting them in the neighbor's front window. Needless to say, Collin is going to find out what it means to have a loan. Because he's going to borrow from his savings account to pay for the window and then work to pay himself back.


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Oh, I am afraid to ask what that is going to cost. Ouch!

9:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooo.....that's one that will stick with him. Coincidentally, did he manage to take out any wasps in the process?

11:02 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

Boooooo! Poor guy :( That just sucks. But again, it's that whole frontal lobe part of the brain that is nowhere near developed and he just can't control the impulsivity or see the consequences to his actions. I am sure he will remember this lesson though.

12:01 PM


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