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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Am Seething...

....Livid doesn't describe how upset I am at this point. I had a CT without contrast back in the first week of March. Over a month ago. I find out this morning that it showed a cyst on my liver. Um...Hello? Of course, cyst on the liver are more often than not benign, but why wouldn't he want to look into that, along with the host of other things that he's had me do? So now I'm going tomorrow for a CT scan WITH contrast of my abdomen. That should have been done a month ago. I could have been spared half of the things that I've gone through over the past month if he'd just read the stupid chart from top to bottom, instead of just concentrating on my kidney.

....On a lighter note, the furnace dude called my husband and will be at my house hopefully after lunch today. Here's hoping that it can be fixed in time for the cold weather this weekend!

*********E.T.A.....Heard from MY DOCTOR today, and she gave me reassurance about the situation. No, he'd not just been sitting on it. The liver thing was something typically insignificant that usually wouldn't cause pain, but something they would keep an eye on. So he didn't just overlook it. He just wasn't thinking that it would be the cause of the pain. She also told me that she was wanting a bit more information on the cystoscopy/ureteroscopy, but the urologist didn't give her anything. See why I love that man? grrr.

.....Also got the low-down on my furnace. It will be over 500 to fix...probably more like 1000. Woot! Lovin' it!


Blogger Katie said...

500-1000 is better than 4000 to replace the whole thing (like we did in Ohio).

While they are doing the scan, make sure they check the pancreas and gallbladder. Seems obvious but the way this doctor operates, you might be in doing that test in a month if you don't mention it now

8:19 PM

Blogger Jules said...

I would be furious not to know about the liver cyst - even if it wasn't what they thought was causing the pain.

Sorry about the furnace - it's always something isn't it? I just had to sink $750 into my van in the last 10 days. It sucks.

4:54 AM


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