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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Retail Therapy.... I'm going to May Day 08 at Verizon Wireless Music Center. Am excited at the thought. 3 Doors Down, Seether, and Finger Eleven... plus some people I don't know. All in one night. So May 24th, you shall find me drunk on the lawn. It's a Coors Light you know what I'll be drinking!

...Did sparring class for the first time in a month and a half. Funnily enough, my sensei has had muscle spasms in his back, too. He, too, got all kinds of testing. So that makes me feel less psycho...shuddup, all of you who can already atest to my psychosis! He gave me some good ideas on how to make myself feel better. He did give me the bad news that this is probably going to be a life-long struggle, though. *sigh* He also recommend taking it easy. But it was good to work out again, even if I'm a bit sore today.

...I think I've already discussed my thoughts on being Midas' archnemesis. You know how everything he touched turned to gold...well, everything I touch usually turns to shit. Including my hair. Have severe inability to do my own hair...let alone Erin's. Well, I broke down and bought a flat iron the other night. It was that or cut my hair way short again. After a few not-so-good-looking attempts, I've got a new 'do. And I look fairly decent. We'll see if my lazy ass can keep this up.

...And, finally, Erin has once again proven that, despite my occasional denial, she really is MY daughter. Yesterday afternoon found her with a HUGE splinter in her knee. It wasn't some little thing that is hard to get out. Nope. It was massive. And she absolutely HOWLED. "Yikes! Yikes! DON'T HURT ME!" Oh, my, I can remember saying some of the same things as a young girlie. And, for whatever reason, I, too, always seemed to find the splinters. She's still talking about how bad it hurts. Here's hoping Neosporin did the trick, and we won't find ourselves with an infection. But yes....she's mine. The cuteness...and the not-so cuteness. I'll keep her.


Blogger Jules said...

Sounds like a rockin' concert - wish I could go.

10:07 AM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Can't wait to se your new Do tomorrow at lunch. I love me some Taco Bell!

Noah is my splinter kid. I don't know how, but he finds them, or they find him.

11:36 AM


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