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Monday, June 08, 2009

Day 2.... Plyometrics....

....OK, so anyone who has done the P90x program has used the term plyometrics. Usually in the same sentence as "sadistic bastard." I wholeheartedly agree. And, while I'm in decent shape already, this is by far the HARDEST workout I've ever done. Boys, don't read the next few lines.... I can judge a workout by whether or not I sweat through my sports bra. If just the bottom gets a little damp, I've had a workout, but kind of a wussy workout. If the whole underside of the bra is wet, I've really gotten it going. If the whole thing is wet? OMGWTFBBQ! I've not sweat through my clothes like this since I had to get through all four phases of a Dance Dance Revolution grouping.... Jerk It Out still gets me every time, and Video Killed the Radio Star is still very etched into my family's subconscious. Oh, right... P90X. So if you don't know what plyometrics is, it's basically workouts for sports-minded people. So if I were really wanting to train to be a cage-fighter, plyometrics would be a good idea. It's all about squats, lunges, and jumping. And let me tell you, I've done more jumping since high school dances when we all got crazy to Kris Kross. can also categorize working out into two different categories.... the kind that energizes you, and the kind that kicks your ass into next week. Karate, for me, is the first kind. I'm so energetic and ready to roll when I have a karate class (this also could mean that we don't work it very hard at class, but we'll not talk about that here). The two workouts I've done so far are the kick-your-ass-into-next-week variety. I'm anxious to see how long I can keep it going and whether or not I can build endurance so that this is something cool. We shall see!

....but so far, so good. I'm going to see how this will work. I'm going to tough out the next four weeks and see where I go from there. And if I tough out the next four weeks, I'm buying my own set of discs. The guy I am borrowing them from will need them back to do P90X Plus.... as if he's not ripped and psychotically fit enough already. He did warn me tonight, however, that plyo never gets easier.... I think I'm in for a long 12 weeks.... just sayin'.


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Darn blooger ate my last comment. You rock!

2:03 PM

OpenID ispeakbeanish said...

After four weeks, hopefully you'll be at least used to it. Kudos to you for trying something new.

9:21 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Right now you should be on day 6, hows it going? Too tired to write?

5:01 PM


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