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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day

I celebrated each of my kids by making them a book that was a "Weekend Creative" project by Ali Edwards. I read it to each of them this morning, giving them some snuggles. They were well received.

I celebrated Aaron by buying him a new phone. Of course, he had to call them up this morning to make sure we got the right phones to the right numbers.

I celebrated myself by buying myself a new phone. It's green. Loads of fun.

I celebrated a coworker who got his office decorated by his wife by making fun of him all day. I put Barry White on his computer for when he comes in. I just hope that we're around to see some of the reaction, as he's not been in all day. **

Hope you are having fun celebrating those around you....whether they be your loved ones or the unfortunate souls whose offices are decorated.

**For the record, if it were MY office that had been decorated with balloons, flower petals over the floor, flowers and chocolates and CANDLES on the desk....I would have been PISSED! Now, take that same office and slap a six pack of Coors Light on the desk? I wouldn't be angry.


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

Maybe Aaron will decorate the bedroom tonight. Now that he knows to add the Coors Light, I am sure it's a done deal!

2:16 PM


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