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Monday, February 11, 2008

Erin & Griffin

....Happy 5th Birthday to the Gruesome Twosome! I'm so happy that you're turning five. That means that you're growing up. Growing into big kids who will be doing bigger and better things all the time. And despite the fact that I will always call you my babies, you're no longer babies. This year you will go to Kindergarten. We will stop taking communal showers. I will no longer keep dressing you in the morning. You will be too big for that. But I hope that you don't yet outgrow climbing into bed with me on Saturday and Sunday mornings and cuddling with me. Not yet.

...I'm so proud of you guys. Who knew five years ago that you'd be the healthy kidlets you're turning out to be. You've been blessed more than you know. And so have I.

(written on a day where they haven't been arguing and fighting so much I want to sell them....)


Blogger Auntie said...

Love the last sentence! You know, those parents and caregivers with children can all relate!

6:36 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Erin and Griffin!!!

And don't worry mom, at 6 (almost 7!!) my girlie still loves nothing more than climbing into bed with me on the weekends. Little does she know that it does more for me than it does for her ;)

12:32 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Happy birthday!!!! Have a big piece of cake for me. :)

2:57 PM


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