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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Girl Scout Cookie Time! least for the Indiana area, it is. And I do have to reiterate how I think that an organization who puts out temptations such as this when we're sitting one week and one day before Lent is in direct alliance with the Antichrist.

...Speaking of the Antichrist, my new favorite Ozzy song is "Diary of a Madman". And further to my Ozzy obsession, I would like to say that Griffin has moved on from requesting "that first song on the cd, Mommy" (which, my dear readers, is none other than "Crazy Train"), to "the second song on the cd, Mommy", which is..... "Mr. Crowley"..... He still gets the wicked grin and wild look in his eyes when "Crazy Train" starts up, though.

...Last night found us at a Boy Scout event. Collin's first Court of Honor with his troop. I went with the twins and left around bed time. Aaron stayed with Collin for the whole thing. Next time we'll be switching places and I'll be bringing my camera. Aaron and Collin didn't get home until well after 9, so I thought I would save us all by removing the twins from the temptation of melting down in front of everyone.


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I don't know why in Indiana Girl scout Cookie time is in January 1) The cookies are too darn expensive and I am broke from the holidays. 2) Everyone has made diet resolutions.

I like Thin Mints, but if it weren't for my whiny ass kids I would not buy any GSC at all.

7:02 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

Our cookie sale ended last week. We managed to sell 176 boxes for the girl. I think she may have also had the highest sales for her troop. Which would just push my little lady right over the edge!

As I was reading though, I have to say that I giggled thinking about one night that you and I were chatting it up playing literati and you managed to eat an entire box of cookies LMFAO!!!!!

12:28 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Which is why I'm glad cookie time is in October/November in Maryland! I remember being so pissed about wanting to eat Thin Mints and have folishly given up chocolate for Lent when I was a kid.

Crap, Ash Wednesday is next week isn't it? I think I scheduled a Brownie meeting for that night.

4:22 PM


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