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Friday, January 25, 2008

Movin' Out...Movin' On...

So, we went to see "Movin' Out" last night. I really wish someone would have warned me that it was a BALLET! The saving grace about it was that it wasn't a musical at all. They only had one guy singing, doing pretty good covers of tons of Billy Joel songs. And had I known that it was a ballet, I wouldn't have had the original reaction that I did for Aaron to see. You see, this WAS my Christmas present. And he feels like he's had a run of bad gifts. OK, so there have been some, but we've been together TWELVE years. Twelve. There is a lot of room for error. No one is perfect all the time. *winks*

It did prove to me that perhaps my son was right when he called me Mrs. Manly the other day. And you would think that it would get BETTER as time rolls by. But nope. I'm getting MORE AND MORE masculine as time rolls on. What girl wouldn't like to go see a ballet for Pete's sake? Bring on a Coors Light and some NFL (where the Colts and my boyfriend are doing their jobs!), and I'm a happy tomboy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um, I'm not really a fan of ballets, or musicals...or love stories, for that matter. I'd rather have a Guinness and watch IU basketball with some hot wings. I guess that makes me manly, too, huh?

btw, I paid a visit to surprise the kiddos at preschool today at to meet all their friends :-) It was cute


3:03 PM

Anonymous M@ said...

Nay's not a big fan of the ballet either. I had never heard anything other than it was musical. Good to know. At least you got to be out alone. :)

3:39 PM

Blogger Katie said...

I'd tease you and ask if "choreographed by Twyla Tharp" means nothing to you but I think you've had enough of the whole thing so I'll leave you alone. ;)

5:18 PM

Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

I don't know if I could sit through a ballet. Yuck. And only one person sings?

Noah came in the other day and I said "Hi Sweetie" he said to me "Hi Crazy."

This follows the day Scott and seth were in the van, just in the neighborhhod and Scott drove home. Seth sat on the back of a folded down seat and Scott said "Get down and buckle, what are you, Crazy?!" To which Seth said "Yeah, I'm being raised by a crazy Mommy!" So, independent of each other, they both think I am crazy. Hmmm....I hope that's a good thing.

8:08 PM


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