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Monday, January 30, 2006

The Good Old Internet.....or Interent.

...ok, for starters, go give Nancy some love. she sure could use it right about now. it amazes me how people can be hateful to people. people, especially, that they don't know. then again, would you be that hateful to someone you really did know? I think not. And everyone says stuff that others would constrew (spelling? sheesh, all these toddlers have me off my spelling game, i tell you!)

...second, I have abandoned you, my faithful following, for a book. yes, sue me, a book. Fourplay was a good book. It's up for grabs if anyone wants it. Gimme your address, and you shall receive a book.

...thirds, it's been a crazy-ass day. i just found out that one of my daycare families has bounced their zillionth check to me. it's really starting to wear me out, especially at the thought that i could get two more kids to replace her two and make 90 extra bucks a week. *kicks self in arse for being too nice* i hate hate hate confrontation, and am not sure what to do about this.....I am going to suggest she pay in cash from now on, though, as neither she nor i can afford this much longer....

...and finally, i still love you, judy, even though i'm not sat at this puter all day. ;)


Anonymous alaina said...

It's ok Steph - I just miss reading stuff about your day! And um, be careful with that misspelling stuff - after reading what the hateful person put on Cathy's blog, who knows? Anonymous might come to yours and bitch slap you for your poor grammar ;-) just kidding! People are so sooooo petty. Sorry your friend had to deal with that. I think what she wrote was WAY way misconstrued. It's just too bad she had to deal with such a hateful backlash.

10:05 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

Thanks for the huggles Steph ;) Though, I am thick skinned. I can handle it. Proves the pettiness of people on the planet. Maybe I should get them to tell me precisely how they feel about have an 18 ounce baby and the minute they state an opinion, I should curse them out to high heaven LMAO.

Whatever the case may be, they are showing their intelligence with their comments. And I refuse to have an intelligent discussion, or attempt to have one, with people who do not have the capacity to do so.

But like Alaina said, watch those typos....they are the grammar police after all. BTW, I will be damned if I change that damn typo now. It will forever be there :P

11:22 PM

Blogger Leann said...

I didn't know Nancy had a blog!

11:24 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

You go kick her ass baout that bounced check. One more and she's outta there! Get some people who pay more. Tell her she is getting such a deal and you are so taken advantage of. want me to go let the air out of her tires at night? I'm your evil bitch.

8:15 AM

Blogger novaks8 said...

Ohhhh I had one of those parents once.
She bounced checks, was late daily to pick up, and even brought the kids with some communicable virus when they first came. I found out later that this was the reason she needed a new daycare...the old one kicked her out.

One day she was very late to get them so I called her job at the YMCA....she had not worked there in a couple of weeks.
No wonder the checks were bouncing.

I never found out what she was doing all day every day.

(one reason I dont do home day care now)

I say be up front and tell the lady that you need cash from now on.
Bad checks are a crime.

11:11 AM

Blogger aworkman said...

Yes I agree with the Nancy blog comment even more so irritating that this is something dedicated to her child..

I had to giggle that 'foreplay' has a link to it ROFL from your post. Details on the book.

Learn the word NO honey! I hate that you've been walked on and hope that some one would have the decent state of mind to respect the carer for their children! Payment should be prompt, or tack on some late fee's.

They're seeing how far they can walk on you and if you let them they may not want to pay you until they have the extra money to do so (just had to grab that great suit from Macy's before they paid the wonderful woman caring for their children!) AHHH people.. make me scream sometimes!

Ok Getting a little ahead of myself but you know what I mean :)

Learn No.. in fact when I ask you a question you tell me 'no' because I am going to LOL...

6:33 PM


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