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Monday, January 23, 2006

A-CHOO...Cough, Hack, Puke....

UPDATE ON THE is made better when all five contracts are back and to my satisfaction! Go ME!!! :D

.... OK, so it's not as bad as what Katie's been going through lately with the illnesses, but it sucks in it's own right! Griffin's been needing breathing treatments throughout the day and NIGHT due to his wheezing and coughing. He's coughed so much and so hard that he's been coughing up phlegm and who knows what else.

...The rest of the family has this cold that only makes you shitty to everyone around you and also makes breathing difficult.

.... Go me.


Anonymous alaina said...

OH, no! I'm so sorry you are all sick! Here's hoping you feel better soon!

1:16 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Maybe we sent it home to you? No, we both just got it around the same time. Seth was coughing last week, then Scott also has been complaning. Me? My throat is just a little sore, but I am damn tired. Just want to crawl back into bed. But, instead, I am washing all the bed linens so we all have a clean place to cough all night. If I were wealthy, I'd have someone do my laundry, cook and clean for me, and keep the bed linens clean.,A bigger house? Not my dream. I am happy where I am, thank you very much. A maid? You betcha! Oh, and I'd hire Ali Edwards and the like to come give us private lessons and tell us all her tricks and tips. See, I'm thinkin' about ya!

1:27 PM

Anonymous Dick Slapper said...

Get a shot of old granddad and you will all be feeling like the champion of the world.

3:38 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

old granddad?

3:41 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

Welcome to my hell

9:24 PM

Anonymous beth allen said...

I hope everyone is better very soon Steph!! I feel your pain!

10:06 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Woot on the contracts! I hope Griffin feels better soon.

8:16 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

If I told you what I just did it would be TMI !! Maybe we should eat at several other Taco Bells and see if we have the same effect everywhere.

12:50 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

What is the name of your Mary Kay lady? She called tonight and the caller ID said jade West, but she said that is her husband's name. What a cool name.

8:11 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

I am right there with you with the a-choo, cough etc....I didn't go in today. I never miss work so you know I wasn't feeling well....

8:11 PM

Blogger Village-Idiot said...

Sorry to hear that... Hang in there.

BTW, yeah my wife lasted less than 24 hours keeping Gabrielle a secret.

8:55 PM

Anonymous judy said...

What I wrote earlier but apparently didn't actually lave for you to read was that seth and I had taco Bell for lunch. Sort of a scientific experiment on your behalf. He had a soft taco kids meal and I had Taco salad and a carmel apple empanada. Maybe it's all the fiber in the salad, all the veggies my body isn't used to. 'cuz what happened next wasn't pretty.

4:29 AM

Blogger Cath said...

Huge hugs Steph! Think we have it coming too! :(

8:19 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

hope everyone is allright over there! Staying well and all - talk to you soon!

10:00 AM


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