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Thursday, January 19, 2006

OMG...too funny....

so...i was looking at the ads (on the right over there...go click on 'em! ;) )....and after my last post, it has ads "Single in Indianapolis?" people who have foods that don't like them generally remain dateless?? ROFL

Other than that, not much ado Chez Byers. Just got done doing a Tae Bo workout. Gotta love it. riiiiggghhhtt.


Anonymous Judy said...

I can't find your ads. I wanted to get a single hot guy in Indianapolis. maybe he won't notice my Westfield family. You won't tell, will you? It can be our little secret

1:58 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Noah comes home with a note that he needs to wear a solid dark shirt tomorrow. Noah says it has something to do with "Pecos Bill." And, of, course, I freak out because I think the play is next Tuesday. Turns out, it is next tuesday but the dress rehearsal is tomorrow. well, he has tons of shirts, no solid colored dark ones. I find one at WalMart for $3.88 that is two tones of blue. Noah says it should be darker. WTF?! I can't go shopping all night and spend money I don't have, at the last minute no less. So, tomorrow and Tuesday my kid will be one of the coyotes in the back of the play wearing clothes made in a Chinese sweat shop, and suddenly he thinks he's the fashion police. Bite my Big Fat Ass, Buddy. Before I beat yours!

8:11 PM


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