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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Momma's Got a New Pair of Shoes..... my mother-in-law did a wonderful thing for me this year and gave me a Kohl's gift certificate. She's done this before, and I never found a pair of shoes. This year, however, I found a pair of shoes that I think will help me with my hip pain. It has seriously gotten to the point where it hurts when I stand on it just right. So badly, that I feel that I want to puke. Do you know how much I hate feeling like I'm falling apart? For fuck's sake, I'm twenty-eight years old...not fifty-eight. This sort of thing isn't supposed to be happening already! Anyway, I found a new pair of shoes. And I'm hoping that they'll do what they're supposed to with regards to my alignment. They say that sometimes these sorts of pains actually stem from the way you stand and the types of shoes you have. Well, I spend most of my day barefoot, so I'm not really getting much support. Not a wonder that I've got pain, eh? I'm figuring out whether I can eat "At the Border". I went to Taco Bell and got two Cheesy Bean & Rice Burritos. They are so good, it would hurt my feelings if they were the cause of the other night's bathroom debacle.

Hope everyone is having a lovely Saturday!


Blogger Leann said...

Sounds like you need to visit a Chiro girlie!

2:17 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

I love taco bell. I'll have to bring it for lunch sometime. seth eat soft tacos that just have meat and cheese on them and I love everything I have ever had from Taco Bell. I just don't get to eat it much, 'cuz Noah won't eat it and it's out of the way to go and just get it for myself.

2:33 PM

Blogger Nancy said...

It would be a sad sad day here in my house if there were to be a "medical" reason as to why I couldn't be eating Taco Hell....I mean Bell. Let's hope and pray that it isn't so for you.

6:19 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Noah went to jump on the couch today, like he's done a million times before and we've asked him not to. This time, he hit his head on the wall nearby. Oh! So! Much! Blood! And my poor tan couch!!!! Thank goodness the blood didn't start to pour out of his head until he got off the couch and stood up. He was yelling in pain and the blood was all over his head, hair, hands, fingers, face, chin, shirt, even his pants. I wanted so bad to scold him, but we drove him to the ER instead, and he eventually got two staples in his head. I swear, I could have done it myself quicker. Scott could have held him down while I stapled his screamin' head. Why did it take two hours when we got attention for about 10 minutes? And, there goes $75.00 bucks to St Vincent's Hospital. next time I might just staple him up at home. I even got me a staple remover around here somewheres...

7:08 PM

Blogger novaks8 said...

second on the chiro!
I fell at work once (tripped on some dumbass girl's clogs that she took off and left)
I had a pinched nerve.
It didnt bother me for weeks then all of a sudden one day it popped and it HURT!

He fixed me right up after about 5 visits.

The shoes will for sure make a difference!

If I dont wear my shoes all day, my back really hurts at the end of the night!

Its all the lugging kids and running back and forth.

7:29 PM

Blogger Cath said...

Steph, so sorry you are feeling 'older' than your yrs! Chin up and sort yourself out girl!
Hope you enjoy your burritos!

5:12 PM


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