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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Crazy Busy.....

....So we've been busy the past few days. I feel like I run around in circles most of the day. Of course, who with five or more toddlers in the house wouldn't be running around in circles?? I average six extra kids per day, which equates to seven at lunch, plus a baby to feed. A reluctant baby, I might add. She really does not like the fact that I'm coming at her to take this artificial nipple. She really quite prefers to take her meals directly from the tap, thankyouverymuch. Otherwise, she really couldn't be a cuter kidlet!

...Speaking of cute kids, I went to see Collin's class play yesterday. A daycare grandma, who has plenty of experience with daycare and is a terrific friend and source of information, came to stay with the sleeping kidlets while I went to watch it. Collin was sooo nervous, but did a good job with the play. He was Pecos Bill in a story about....Pecos Bill. It was a very cute play. Supposedly it's a tradition for the third grade to put on. Anyway, I was so elated to be able to show!

...We're all still battling our sniffles here. I'm seriously happy that it's not the flu. Though, I'm still wondering when we'll get hit with a bout, other than the R.A.P.'s (Random Acts of Puke for you newer people) that I've been afflicted with on occasion (no, I'm not pg.; the "procedure" took). I wonder about that as much as I wonder about the blizzard that we're going to get. Cos both are sure to happen. Everyone say a little prayer or think a little thought that these do not happen simulaneously!

OK, off to burn a Wiggles CD for someone. You know...the important stuff.


Anonymous Judy said...

I decided that it is the apples in the Carmel Apple Empanada that lead us to do the things we do. Apples are suposed to be ever so healthy, and I am sure it is the fiber going through us. Who Knew?! Okay, that's my theory, 'cuz the veggies and fruit at Taco bell are really as close as I get to heakth food. I am truly a meat and veggies girls, or truth be told, a meat and carbs girl. Mmmmmm...

2:49 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Weeee!!! I'm so glad you got to see Collin's play! Good luck with the sniffles.

3:54 PM

Blogger Walter said...

I hope "Wags the Dog" is on that Wiggles CD.

4:09 PM

Blogger nain said...

Good to talk to you tonight!!! glad you had fun at the Mary Kay party - I'm jealous b/c I was in class allll evening. Sigh. Hope you all get to feeling better soon!

10:16 PM


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