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Friday, January 20, 2006

A Very Tired Mommy Indeed....

.... I worked out yesterday, which was awesome. But I'm very very tired today. The exercising didn't do anything to make my hip pain (sciatica, maybe?) any better, but it didn't help it.... I think that the new stairs and trudging up and down with babies is catching up to me. *sigh*

....So I went to the post office for the first time in a few years yesterday. I was so happy to find out that it is open until 7:00 pm! It used to close at 4:30, so this is certainly an improvement for people like me, who work until 6:00 or later every night!

....Other than that, not much ado. It was a laid back day yesterday, with only four extra kidlets. Today I have six extra, so it won't be as laid back.

.... So, go check out my Current EBay auction...know anyone who needs a sofa? User name: scrapbookingsteph .........apt, no? ;)


Anonymous alaina said...

Way to go for the Tae Bo Steph!!! Keep it up!!! You'll be able to kick some ass in no time.

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend! I'll be doing resumes/cover letters and LOTS of homework...give me a call if you're bored!

11:03 AM

Blogger Katie said...

Happy Friday! (It is Friday, right?)

11:27 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

Too much Tae Bo for you, and before you know it, you'll be using it on the kiddies. Be careful, you might get angry enough to kick Aaron's butt, too. Actually, I would like to see that. Is it pay per view? I could bet five bucks on the outcome. My money is on you all the way. You'd make some money on all the betting that would take place.

11:29 AM

Anonymous Jack Mahoggoff said...

Wouldn't be no fight either arron or erin would whoop her ass

4:21 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

ha, yeah, I don't know - Stephanie has a little bit of fighter in her, but then again Erin might be her match :-) Just wait a few years...

5:18 PM


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