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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A Tiring Day...and fears confirmed....

....Three of the five contracts have come back signed. This makes me happy. Two haven't come back, which doesn't really worry me much, though my bank account is literally sitting on EMPTY. Frustrating. But if I have to put an ad in the paper if these guys go away, so be it. They WILL NOT find someone who will do as much for them on the rates that I have, so if they choose to go somewhere else, bully for them. I'll get two more kids to fill their spot who will abide by my rules. That's all there is to it.

....and my worst fears were confirmed tonight. I like the Caramel Apple Empanada. It doesn't like me. *sobs, running to the toilet* haha


Blogger Katie said...

Good luck with the contracts!

9:00 AM

Blogger Leann said...

At least you had a new gorgeous bathroom to enjoy while you were contemplating Caramel Apple Empanada. :P

9:11 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

yeah, I feel that way about everything dairy that I once really sucks....if you're bored this weekend, give me a call! I'll be studying AAALLLLLLL weekend!

10:31 AM

Blogger Kari said...

i love the carmel apple empanadas. Sorry they didnt work out for you!

Yeah on the contracts!

12:54 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Did you ask the other two if the contracts would be returned or not? Give them a two week notice tomorrow and have kids ready to fill the empty slots. If they are not returned, take it as a no, and clear them out of your house.

1:56 PM


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