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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Do You Ever Get the Feeling....

....that your favorite rock band has totally sold out? I was just pondering while listening to Lifehouse that my favorite band has totally sold out. Anyone familiar with Better Than Ezra? Well, they were in concert in Indy just this past week with Lifehouse. At one point, Better Than Ezra would have been the headliner, as they have been...until now. This year, they were not listed first...but second. Making them the not as popular band, no? Well, the past few albums of theirs have left a lot to be desired for the die-hard fans, who own the Deluxe album, who have the words to their first three albums completely memorized, who have sworn that they were going to have Kevin Griffin's love child (yes, it's a total coincidence, however, that our second son's name is Griffin...LOL). While not all of the songs on their most current albums aren't terrible, they lack the same luster of previous songs, such as "Good" or "This Time of Year".

And then it hits just might be *me* who is changing. I'm getting older. My tastes are getting more subdued, perhaps? Then why do bands like Linkin Park appeal to me? I don't get it. Which brings me back to my previous thought. My favorite band has sold their souls and song writing abilities to the devil himself, who takes the form of little teenage girls who buy their records and wear clothes that make me feel like Bessy. I thought that artists' styles would mature as they get older, like Ben Folds singing about his kids. But Better Than Ezra Seems to be going in the backward direction. Perhaps it's because the life of the typical middle-aged person wouldn't necessarily appeal to the record-buyers out there. But damn it, that just hurts my feelings. tee hee

So I think that if I were going to have an artist's love child (and they would pick me, right? I'm cute, dammit!! ROFLOL! I slay me.), I think I would have to pick someone like Ben Folds who would probably write a song about it. hehe

Bet you weren't expecting a critical editorial, were you?


Anonymous alaina said...

Music tastes do change, mine have too - I used to LOVE DMB, but now whenever I hear a song of their's on the radio, I check to see what else is playing - and I don't really have any desire to go to their concerts. Just happens that way, but then again, there are some groups you never grow tired of! But then again, they could have sold out...who knows?

1:40 PM

Anonymous Anita Cox said...

Well if you all would listen to the "Moist Muffins" you wouldn't be disappointed in the music or the band. That is some of the best music you will ever hear. And you ALL would want to have the lead singers love child, but I doubt he would write a song about it. Remember nobody like a dry muffin

1:52 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

Artists, I believe write for those who have disposable income with which to buy their cd's. And, honey, my income is disposed of! Damn teenagers with allowances and jobs!

3:39 PM

Blogger Katie said...

It's never as good as it was in the beginning. I think that applies to a lot of aspects in life. And I was wondering where you got the name Griffin. ;)

3:39 PM


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