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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wrong Day to Stay Up Late.... I was up late last, Judy, not crafting all BY MYSELF-so-i'm-not-cheating-on-you, but writing out the Christmas cards that I didn't have addresses for until just recently. And can I just say, the dispenser for the linerless self-adhesive stamps? Crap! Don't buy it. Worth a buck to try, but not worth EVER buying again....

....I got the flu shot this morning. Coupled with me feeling already yucky, I'm scared of feeling worse. You know, I never thought that the flu shot was that big of deal, but ever since I haven't been getting the shot, I have gotten the flu more than ever before in my life. Not that I had the shot that often. I only received it for two years in a row, but the year the twins were born, I missed out on seeing them in the hospital twice because of the flu. TWICE. For FIVE days at a go. And once I missed seeing them for STREP! So of the umpteen million days (ok, like eighty or whatever it wound up being), I missed fifteen days because of being sick. And for the past two years, I didn't get the shot, and we've been suffering from the flu, too. So, here's hoping that the shot does it's fucking job this year!

....OK, I think that someone just got bitten, so I best be going now....


Anonymous alaina said...

yeah you can feel a little achy and groggy after getting the shot - especially if you haven't had it in a few years, but it's SO much better than getting the flu (remember last year?)

OH and good news - I passed my ethics test i had to take for the bar back in Nov! Yay! :-)

9:34 AM

Anonymous Phil MyNutz said...

Why would you want to get a flu shot throwing up and getting the screaming meanies thats some fun shit. And when you find out which kid did the biting I would suggest pulling a couple of teeth out see how bad it hurts getting gummed. Then I would beat that kids ass cause always remember a good ass beating never hurt anyone.
Phil MyNutz

11:15 AM

Blogger Cath said...

Hope you're feeling better hun! And i hope you posted the cards to the UK cause 'i think' that Monday was the last day for getting them b4 Christmas!

12:48 PM


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