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Friday, December 09, 2005

Calling All Readers.... looking for the true identity/identities of one Jack Mahoggoff and Mike Hunt? If I were as funny as you seem to be, I would want to claim my humor. hehe


Anonymous Judy said...

I don't know either, I was gonna ask if you now this Mike Hunt guy. Now I get the joke, is it from Porky's?

The kids drove me crazy today. One needed gloves, the other, boots, one went to his psych doc....didn't help and zI disappeared to craft in the basement for a bit of solitude before I hurt them both.

5:10 PM

Anonymous Judy said...

You know, life is a shit sandwich, and today I didn't even get the bread!

7:05 PM

Blogger fl13grl said...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!! ox...t

8:24 PM

Blogger nain said...

Tell Collin I said good luck at the black belt ceremony!

7:42 AM

Blogger Leann said...

Girlie, Mike Hunt is one of those names kids use to make prank phone calls. I won't spell out the pronounciation here. :P

9:59 AM

Anonymous alaina said...

that's freaking hilarious - I didn't put those names together - very clever person. You sure it isn't your wonderful husband?

10:08 AM

Blogger fl13grl said...

On the Simpsons they used to prank call Moe's bar, remember!! OMG too funny!!! hehe...

1:52 PM

Anonymous Harry Cox said...

I would say that Jack Mahoggoff and Mike Hunt are real people, I don't think someone would make something up to mess with your mind. Do you?

12:43 PM


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