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Sunday, December 11, 2005

So We Had a Good Saturday and Sunday....

....Yesterday, Collin did very well at the Black Belt Extravaganza, put on for the Karate USA Shorei Go Ju Ryu style. It was boring at best, but interesting in certain parts, from watching higher degree belts, who had been practicing karate for years, to the extreme hilarity I found in hearing everyone do their Ki-i's, or the gutteral sounds that martial artists do with a punch. Seriously, when everyone did their sounds, it wasn't in synch, so it sounded like some medieval war going on. And that, well, just made me snigger every time. There were also this one man, who happened to resemble a younger looking cousin of mine, who was very very animated with his movements. I didn't see a wedding ring on his finger, which prompted me to think that perhaps he needs to find himself a woman and not take his karate quite so seriously. (I never said I was a nice woman...these are simply my observations) So we suffered though the graduation ceremony, though I do have to say, that Collin STOOD throughout the whole thing, and did a marvelous job. After the program was over, Aaron's dad (not by our intention, as we had fully expected to pay for the meal...until they chose the location) treated us to Carraba's, an Italian grill to which Aaron and I had never been. Yummy food...LOOOONG wait, however.

Today, I wake up feeling very worse for wear. Not sure why, but I felt dizzy, and my abdomen was very angry at me. So, I suffered through church with the gruesome twosome, and went home and slept for two and a half hours. I woke up and felt much better, which was a good thing, because a friend of ours had made plans with Aaron to go out to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the game. Which, I was glad he got to go. The downside, the gruesome twosome lived up to their names and also Aaron got pretty tipsy. Luckily the friend had driven, so he didn't drive home, but oy, vey. There is nothing like dealing with Aaron when he's tipsy. So, I did what I've done in the past after Aaron's liquored up. I took him shopping. Only, to my great dismay, I didn't find anything worth buying, really, so that was pretty much all for not. I did wind up with about fifteen bucks worth of miscellaneous scrapbooking things. A magazine, a larger corner rounder, and some ribbon (which I'm becoming quite the whore at collecting...). We also went to Steak n' Shake, where I ate my weight in a chocolate mint milk shake, and the Philly Melt combo, for which I substituted the fries with onion rings, and had to fight Griffin to be able to eat them! lol

Anyway, I'm a little over half-way through on the calendars. :) Tiff and Katie should be happy girlies that their gifts will be done on time. The biggest task left is to have Aaron make the covers for the books. After that, it should be smooth sailing! It's been fun to make these this time, because I've been doing some further enhancements to them, which my own family members didn't get. ROFL. Oh, well, the more practice, the better you get, right? ;) I just hope that everyone likes them....that's always my biggest problem with doing things for people. I get really really self-conscious!!

OK, I'm rambling, so I'm going to skee-dattle off to bed. Drop me a comment and let me know how your weekend was! :)


Blogger Katie said...

I'm glad you had such a good weekend! Me, on the other hand... I'll just bask in your good weekend. Hope you don't get sick!

8:39 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

I think you must have stayed up too late with some other friend and you desrve to be ill from cheating on me.

Okay, my favorites got messed around with this weekend, too many little hands on my computer, I think. Or is it a massive conspiracy against me? Let's just say Ebay isn't where it should be! And you shouldn't be messing around with My ebay near Christmas! Little boogers! (Or was it the government?!)

11:32 AM

Anonymous Dick Incider said...

Was Mr. Miaggy or the Karate kid at the Karate event???

2:20 PM

Anonymous alaina said...

hold me back, this guy was single? Yum...might have to get his name - ha ha

9:49 PM


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