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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Attempting to Turn a New Zookeeper Leaf.....

here i am with the boy at disney on ice. he was a great date!

....two days in a row have i planned and executed little lessons for the animals! tooting my own horn, here. lol we're doing winter/christmas countdown for the month, so most of our stuff revolves around snow, santa, and the countdown. i'm amazed at how well erin and griffin are doing with this as of late. they're really being attentive to stories, and are participating in the crafts that we have going on. no more eating the crayons for them! hehehe

....other than that, no real news as of late. well, none that you're gonna wanna hear. if you would like for me to share all the intimate details of the babies bowels and my broken girl parts, let me know....otherwise, suffice it to say that my sorry butt's back at the doc's tomorrow and the twins are now on a daily laxative. *sobs*

....sorry that i've been lax at communication lately. it's been busy here as of late! can be both good and bad.


Anonymous alaina said...

cute pic, steph...starting to get a little concerned for you with all the female problems - I really hope that everything is ok!

11:21 AM

Anonymous Judy said...

What a nice pic of the two of you! I hope Collin liked his present. Who wouldn't want a box of money?!

12:08 PM

Blogger fl13grl said...

Super Cute Pic!! Who was the photographer?? Wink Wink!! ;)

Keeping you in my prayers..Have you seen a specialist? Call me if you need anything!!

Smile ;)


12:51 PM

Blogger Katie said...

Cute picture!

8:52 AM


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