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Saturday, December 10, 2005


Was up until TWO O'CLOCK this morning......Aaron did have the sweetness to let me sleep in until 10:00. (Isn't he really the best?) I tried to pin the funny guy with the lewd names on him, but he can't lay claim to it. He gave me a little hint as to whom the culprit might be, but I shall find out for sure later on. ;)

So today we get to battle twin toddlers as Collin officially is sworn in with his black belt in his style. I can't spell it anymore, or I'd let you all know what it is. LOL After that, if we're not in jail for killing our offspring, we shall go out to a nice dinner to celebrate. :D

Right, I'm off to iron a karate gi! ;)


Anonymous Judy said...

I hope you weren't up till 2 AM crafting with someone else! I thought that was something special we shared, our own crafting bond. You better not be cheating on me! I'll find out! I know where you live!

8:26 PM


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