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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Wahoowee!! It's Thursday already!

The weekend is fast approaching, and a full one it shall be. Tomorrow evening is Aaron's school Christmas party, located at the principal's house, and for which the principal takes a day or two off of school in order to cook for it. She always has quite the spread! And my 163.5 lb. fat ass is going to snarf it down, too! And I'll likely go back for seconds. Better to be fat and happy than to be starving and miserable at this point, I say!

Saturday will be a day all about Collin, as he officially gets promoted to Black Belt status within his Karate style. From here on out, the fun stuff happens, and he learns more and more. It's quite exciting to think about, though methinks we need to push him a bit more to going. It's so hard for Aaron and me to muster up the energy to take him sometimes, and he is so quick to say that he doesn't want to go. I'm not sure, but methinks a change of scenery is in order here. A new project for him would likely do him wonders. Time for another one of those "do you really want to do this?" chats. I really really hate shelling out eighty bucks a month for him not to go.

I think that Sunday I have free, because Aaron and a family friend are going to go "Krogering" on Sunday afternoon. I'm totally letting his secret out when I say that "Krogering" means that he'll be hitting a local pub for a beer with his friend, watching the game. hehe Anyway, this leaves me at home, which is not a big deal, since I really have a load of things that I need to get done. Namely all those calendars that I've not yet completed! :) Which, in all reality, is something I'm looking forward to working on (so stop feeling guilty, Tiff). I just need time and energy simultaneously. Which is sometimes hard to do around here.

Speaking of the lack of energy and time simultaneously, the bulk of that comes from the fact that I now am running a full ship and getting my sorry butt out of bed at 5:45 to catch my Brazilian boyfriend (cool off, Judy, he is two after all, and...well, that's just icky! tee hee) at 6:00. I really did miss him, but so didn't miss the early hour. I really relish the days of sleeping in until 7:15.

k...gotta go....a toilet flushed, and i'm currently scared to go look......


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