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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

on the whole, i feel as though i am a non-confrontational person. but i tend to take what everyone says to me to heart....which is not good when you don't feel as though you can put up a good rebuttal. people have opinions, and i can say that i am one of them. i mostly try to keep them to myself, even though i do find myself giving out my unsolicited opinion sometimes. but i feel as though people often dole out their opinions to me when they have no idea what i've been through. take parenting, for instance. how many of you out there have had babies born at 26 weeks? i didn't think so. how many of you had to wait for a month and a half before you could hold your daughter, and even then, it was a baby who was three pounds and on a machine that helped to keep her alive? i didn't think so. how many of you had to watch as nurses drew blood for the not the first time that day? or stuffed a feeding tube down your kids' nose, giving milk to them that you had to pump eight times a day because they were to small to nurse? or watched your child turn blue right before your eyes for not the first time? i didn't think so. so, how many of you now have the guts to tell me that i shouldn't keep treating my children differently than you because they were so small at birth? there really is no comparison. while i do not keep my children in a complete bubble, i do need to treat them differently, so please don't tell me that i shouldn't.


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