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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

another seems as though the days go by so quickly. pretty soon it will be the weekend again. at the very least i have nowhere to be on saturday! :)

i did quite a lot yesterday.....mostly menial stuff around the house. what else is there to do? i pushed through much of the laundry and unloaded the dishwasher, in addition to feeding kids and putting out the occaisional fire. hehe

last night i did two scrapbook pages and worked at finishing another two. all within two hours. not too shabby. i really seem to get into the zone early in the month and then peter out towards the end. i've got to stay with it for the entire month. i really want to get a bit more caught up. we'll see! :)

todays goals: scrapbook collin's first school-friend birthday party; keep all kids alive; push the rest of the laundry through; keep kitchen relatively clean (not necessarily in that order, of course!)

my friend is bringing me a chocolate-mint milkshake for payment for watching her girlie. that is always something to look forward to! also, the sis-in-law has a snow-day, so we'll be dining on totino's pizza and mountain dew for lunch.....aaahhh, the gourmet life! ;)


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