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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

blah......Griffin is such a bad really pisses me off sometimes..... :( oh well.....could be worse, i suppose. at least he sleeps through the night.

today's been a slow day. i had two kids out because of the snow and one kid was sick today, so i just had the two part-time girls.....made for a nice break, since they are both older (four and seven are ancient in the daycare world, you know! LOL) and they love the babies to no end. the twins have been loving the attention!!

why is it that kids will want something you don't have, and then decide they don't really want it after all when you go to hell for leather to get what they want? for instance, i made spaghetti today....i realized that i didn't have any sauce, which wound up being ok because the girls didn't really want sauce to begin with.....they eat their spaghetti with butter and parmesan cheese, the seven year-old said. groovy, i said...until i realized that i didn't have any parmesan!!, i call up the neighbor to get some, run my braless t-shirted self (i really can't be bothered with a jacket) over to her house (in the snow) risking life and limb to get the parmesan....only for the four year-old to say...'i don't think i want parmesan today....'.......gotta love it.....

grrrr...griffin is now so tired he can't see straight, but won't sleep......he's desperately trying to get me to pick him up, but i'm being a mean mommy and trying to ignore him. for this alone, i will probably go to hell.....that's ok, tho....because griffin will be joining me due to the fact that he keeps nipping at me while nursing.....

kids are such terrorists.......cute terrorists, but nonetheless............


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