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Monday, February 02, 2004

had a good weekend. saturday i got to sleep in until 11:30! it's been ages since i've been able to sleep in like that. i usually have to get up to feed the babies, and then wind up staying up, so this was a good treat. i had stayed up until 2:30, so it was much needed rest! :)

we went to aaron's parents' yesterday to watch part of the super bowl. aaron has been wanting to make jumbalya for his family for a long time, so he made a huge pot of it for everyone. he wound up burning the bottom of the pan, so it tasted a little smoky, but it was good.

erin was up half the night...i'm not sure what her little deal is. she's got something wrong with her if she's up crying like that.....i think that she's either teething or has another ear infection. i know we're bound for tubes with those guys. it could be worse, i suppose, especially with them.

natives are getting's my cue to get up and moving!


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