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Thursday, January 29, 2004

inferno-child is back today, but being fairly good. so is the three year-old. quiet day today, since the two year-old went with his part-time dad. the dad's not such a terrible guy...he just has no clue when it comes to being mentally supportive.

i'm kind of blase today. i just found out that one of my choir buddies has cancer, and they're only expecting her to live eight to twelve months at best. she was the first person to welcome me into the church choir. the choir was also a pillar of support during our whrilwind of fun last year. it pains me to see when they have their own trials. i just hope that God has a miracle up his sleeve for her.

off to feed inferno-child his cereal. this has truly been the best thing i ever could have done (giving him cereal/solid foods) twice a day. he's such a happier baby.


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