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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

snow day's been weird having aaron home. with a snow day comes collin, and we finished the bionicle book that we started. only 30 more mins to read for the school-wide goal of 100 mins/or pgs per week! i'm hoping that we'll get it every week, but i guess i shouldn't worry so much about it always being me who does this stuff.

i get so jealous of aaron having the day off work....he wants to sleep in, and that just irritates me that he can. so i had him help me a bit this morning with the kids. i don't think it will kill him. i shouldn't really be so irritated at him...he does more around the house than most men i know.

the babies are toddling about the house now, eating everything they can get a hold of. this morning erin stole one of gage's poptarts....she screamed bloody murder when i took it away from her....

:( *sigh* i have to go......wild beasts are acting up again.......


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