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Monday, January 26, 2004

nothing much new to report here. the weekend was pretty humdrum, with nothing exciting. i had german school (one down, ten to go!) on saturday morning. it went pretty well. the girl that i co-teach with is a crack-up, and we get along really well (wonder why). the bad thing is that if we don't have enough enrollment, we won't get to teach together anymore....that makes me sad, tho i will gladly step back and let her do it. her husband might be laid off from work soon, so this would give her some much-needed income if one of us has to step down. it would give me some much-needed rest, too!! i would love to have a day where all i have to do is take care of my own children all morning!!!

i didn't scrapbook much over the weekend. 11 page YTD, so that is pretty good for my goal of 200, which equates to about 17 a month....we'll see...i think i'll get some stuff done over the week, especially if we get hit with more snow and school is cancelled!!

off to tame the wild beasts....must appease them with gifts of food......


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