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Friday, January 23, 2004

aaaah, morning......wonders what folding loads upon loads of laundry (and putting away my own clothes from the last laundry.....whistling, eyes darting back and forth, searching for the guilty party) and getting some sleep will do for you.

now that more people are reading this thing (waves to snapper!), i guess i have to let you in on my little family, since i don't know how to figure out how to make my blog really neat and pretty (waves to katie! hehe).....i'm 26, married to aaron, who's 27. we've three kids, collin, 7, whom we had in college. we got married when he was eight months old.....we waited, and waited, and waited some more, before we thought we'd have another baby. one more baby, then we were done. two's a nice, round, even number, you know. so, we decide to have another baby, and BAM.....twins! which winds up being a good thing, we get a boy and a girl. i find out at 17 weeks that there are two, only to turn around and have them at 26 weeks. (for those of you who go by months, that is roughly 6 mos pregnant) erin and griffin are nearly a year old now (their birthday is february 11). while there are few residual effects from their prematurity, they have physical therapy at least once a month (we're seeing if it needs to be increased, as well as adding occupational therapy to the batch.....we'll see). btw, snapper....these are the non-nappers of the group! :(

so now i've given up a job i was contentedly discontent with to stay home and baby-sit. so, i now watch a three year-old, elizabeth, who would talk a glass eye to sleep; gage, who is two and is acting it (need i say more? hehe); dante, the inferno-child, is six months old (yes, sign me up for that vacation with the men in white coats); luke, who is the pisser, is three and comes one day a week; caroline, 4, and katherine, 7, come one day one week, two days the next. it's a full house, but managable so far. it wears me out, because it's like working a tax busy season (my old job as a glorified secretary) all year long. i work from 6:15-6:00, and i'm tired. it's my own fault, really, but with a teacher for a husband, i didn't have many choices on jobs (unless greg needs a telecommutuing assistant). i couldn't expose the twins to the germs outside my home and i don't know as many people so i could constrict my hours to something reasonable. but we're plugging along ok, and i'll get by with a little help from my friends! :) (katie, mt. dew, gin, and scrapbooking!)


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