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Thursday, February 12, 2004

i know that i've said before that i'm not a confrontational person. my husband would laugh at me for saying this, because i'm always confrontational with him! but i suppose i am a confrontational person. i'm just not good at being confrontational. i'm very passive agressive, and let things get to me too much before i explode. i ruin friendships this way, i know. some of the people i miss, and some of the people i don't. but you know what? i'm almost always glad that i've finally spoken my mind about things. i know i'm not perfect. most of the time i think of myself as the opposite. but when i think back on these relationships, i know that i've done wrong and handled certain things badly, but i do know that it's not all been me in the wrong. i should have just said something sooner before i handled it badly.


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