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Friday, February 06, 2004

today's been just like many other days. nothing exciting happening. and nothing much exciting will probably happen today (here's hoping, i guess! there could always be some sort of catastrophe!)

recent events of note are that the kids' therapies have increased. they will now do physical therapy once a week and will now have occupational therapy once a month. while in fact they might not need it, the therapists and i have agreed that it could only help to get too much therapy. they do things with the kids that i hadn't even thought of. i didn't think that they were necessarily ready for the push-toys, but there she was yesterday, getting the kids to stroll around the living room, pushing along a shopping cart of sorts! i can't tell you how happy this makes me. she also put the kids' shoes on and got griffin to stand alone for 15 seconds. watch out world, they might just be walking soon!

i can tell you that when i went to the developmental ped's office, i wasn't exactly thrilled that they had recommended the increased therapies. it felt like just another failure to add to the mix. the pregnancy failed and now i failed them with the developmental stuff, too, but i have since gotten over that. hey, it's someone to play with the babies and push them a bit more than i had thought to, so how can that be bad? they are still doing remarkably well considering they were half-baked in the first place! if they were nine months old as they should be, we wouldn't be thinking that they should cruise the furniture already! so i have now come to terms with it, and now see it as a good thing that is being given to my babes.


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