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Monday, February 09, 2004

aaron's back from the doc's with the kids. they have a viral infection....wayhay....aaron got the antibiotic, too, just in case. the kids' ears looked red, but not pussy (is that really the same word?! LOL) according to the doc, so i think we're going to wait off on giving the amoxicilin before absolutely necessary. i'm not a fan of just using antibiotics a lot. when needed, dole them out, by all means, but if there is question, it's best to wait until necessary.

some might say we take the kids to the doc's too much, but griffin has asthmatic tendencies, so when they get colds, we almost always take them in, just to be sure.

i swear, i've never been to the doc's myself so much since these kids have been born. i grew up in a 'suffer long enough and it will go away' philosophy. aaron's family goes in whenever they sniffle, so i feel like i fall somewhere in between....until the babies are taken into consideration, that is. i got sick more when they were in the hospital than i remember being sick in the five years prior to that. it was hard, because when i was sick, i wasn't allowed to go into the NICU to see them. i lost a good 15 days or so with them that way.

the natives are getting restless. yes, folks, it's that time again....CEREAL TIME!!!

i must now adopt the blog mantra "breathe in, breathe out". i'm not sure how much more of the sickness i can take. thank god i don't have any more children of my own to deal with when they're sick. three's enough, man.


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