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Monday, February 09, 2004

an exciting weekend to say the very least the decorators finally left the building and i got laid! LMFAO

i really must have really pissed someone off in my former life. there are not many other things that would make you want to pull your fingernails out one by one......this would be sick twins. in my little family, i am the one who takes care of the sick kids. many a night have i laid on the couch with collin, listening for that distinct sound that only signifies the need for the puke bucket. many hours of sleep lost in the persuit of not having to clean up yet another mixture of half-digested hotdogs, french fries and red kool-aid. of course, aaron usually does the job of cleaning the puke. i just get the kid for the rest of the sleepless night!

there have also been the few sleepless nights in the emergency room, where i took the kid by myself (or, in one case, with a friend who took pity on me), leaving the sleeping husband at home, swearing that i've over-reacted and that all i was accomplishing was to get us a hefty hospital bill. once, the docs said they would have admitted the child, and once, the docs actually did admit the child. *sticking tongue out at aaron*

so, the weekend was full of the pitiful cries of the babies, following after me like lost sheep. looking at me with those woe-begotten eyes, that say 'c'mon mom, pick me up!!'

i'm getting to be quite the bulb syringe queen, too. aaron looks at me in awe as i work the magic of getting all the gook out of their litle noses while simultaneously holding them down.

at any rate, i'm getting behind with my scrapbooking goal!! you know....the IMPORTANT things!! LOL i'm hoping to get a few pages done while aaron takes the twins to the doctor to get a fix for their penicillin deficiency. (i'm secretly hoping that this is just a passing virus, though. i'm really not a fan of the antibiotics)

OK, off to spoon-feed three and hopefully help two giggling girls make snow globes! :)


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