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Thursday, February 12, 2004

the twins had a very nice birthday yesterday, despite being sick. aaron's parents came over and we had pizza, cake and ice cream. they brought presents for the kids, and it's funny the difference between the babies already. griffin was tired (he's not doing as well as erin at this point), so he wasn't really into any of the celebration, poor little fella. erin, however, was having the time of her life, as if she knew it was her day. she has the funniest smile! it's really wide-mouthed and gaping. too funny.

watching a one year-old eat cake for the first time has to be one of the funniest things to watch. i would have to venture to say that most one year-olds do not have the luxury of getting cake and ice cream before their birthday. perhaps this is just in my rose-colored world! anyway, i digress. watching two babies eat cake and ice cream for the first time was a real treat. again, erin was in her element. sitting on my lap, she toppled over the cupcake, getting icing everywhere. then she dug into the chocolate (of course!) cake, loving every minute of it. griffin was very interested in the cupcake, but was too tired to really get into it like he usually does about food! i gave them each a few spoonsful of ice cream, which was even funnier to watch than the ice cream. they both screwed up their faces at the coldness of it, but kept reaching for the spoon.

all this continues to amaze me. last year at this time, we weren't positive that everything was going to be ok. i would sit at their isolettes and wonder why all this was happening to me and my little babies, each barely bigger than a beanie-baby, fighting for their lives. how blessed i truly am to have them! they are little fighters, strong-willed and healthy.


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