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Friday, February 13, 2004

friday is finally here. finally a weekend to recover from the sixty-plus-hour workweek. i do this year-round now, where it only used to be eight to ten weeks during tax time. amazing how you would think being at home would make it ok, but it's very confining sometimes. the good part about working sixty hours in your house is getting to see your kids. i can't even begin to imagine what life would be like right now if i were still working at the accounting firm. not to mention the fact that life there isn't as fun as it used to be. amazing the changes that life brings your way.

amazing more so is the fact that you feel in your element at a new job after only being there a few short months. i've only been at home for six months now, but i feel as though i've been doing this for ages. just like i felt like i was at the accounting firm forever, and was only there three years.

next week will begin the weekly PT with the kids. they will also have their first OT session. i am excited for this to start and for it to be regular. not only will it be another adult to talk to every week, it will be really good for the twins. i'm so busy with everything with the daycare that i often don't get to play with them or work with them as i feel i sometimes should. i don't feel too badly about it, tho, because they are doing things that my other friends who have babies around the same age/prematurity severity haven't even begun to do. most of them are stuck at rolling over. i feel bad about that, tho, and wish that their babies would do more to get caught up. it's kind of like when we were all pumping milk and i would get eight ounces from each breast and they would get hardly any at all. you don't even want to talk to them about it because you don't want to appear to be bragging.

i had my first LP party last night. i'm really excited about starting this. i've pretty much introduced all my family and friends to scrapbooking, so it's exciting to try to make a bit of a living off it. the stuff we sell is great, too, so it makes it fun for me. we'll see how it goes. i don't know that i'm much of a good business person, but i'll find out, right?!


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