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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Billy Joel.... Aaron and I met in college. My freshman year, his sophomore. And we bonded over Billy Joel. For Christmas this year, Aaron got me tickets to "Movin' Out," which is a musical that's either supposed to be based on Billy Joel or just off of his music. We're going tonight. Am a bit excited about it, even though it's hard to think about busting a move to get to Muncie (about an hour's drive away) on a school night. We shall see and I'll let you know how it goes.

...The kids, the twins especially, are working to drive me crazy. Erin and Griffin take turns on who can whine the most. And sometimes, I. Just. Can't. Take. It. You know, I didn't get the choice on whether or not I was going to be a momma with Collin. It just happened. But I actively planned the pregnancy with the twins. Not actively planned twins. That was the joke on me. But sometimes, despite the fact that I would never, ever trade them in (not that anyone would take them anyway!), I wonder whose bright idea that pregnancy was. And that, my friends, is the naked truth. Not that I feel that way all the time. I'm just feeling that way now. And I know that they'll wind up doing something sweet later, but oh my....right now they're testing every last shred of patience I possess (or don't possess).

....It's not all bad. I don't know if I ever told the blogosphere, but we captured the all-elusive Wii over the holidays. Being the victim of motion sickness, I do not especially like the Wii, so up to now, I never made myself a Mii. Well, Sunday, Griffin helped me make one. I helped him choose some of the features, but he chose the best features of all. He made her the tallest and slimmest Mii he could make. So my Mii is a dead-sexy blonde girl that has blue sunglasses. Pretty funny stuff. And I love that Griffin thinks I'm tall and slim. hehe


Blogger Judy in Indiana said...

We made Miis at my house and Noah got mad and changed mine to some butt ugly person. Or so he says. He thinks he is pretty clever, too bad I just don't care!

3:10 PM

Blogger Auntie said...

Is Saturday good for you to come to celebrate Mrs. P b-day? I talked to her about going out for a bite and then coming back for a movie. If it works for everyone, maybe we could do it in the early part of the day. Let me know.

Maggie made herself several Wii' being a guy with spiked hair and weird ass teeth. This one happens to be her favorite to use. We all hate it. found someone to babysit? I know we volunteered but I never wanted to ask about the date because I wasn't sure if you knew about it cause I knew it was a gift of some kind....HAVE FUN and be safe!

4:52 PM

Blogger Fern said...

I just found your blog! I too have 3-year-old twins, one of them being a Griffin! His twin is also a boy, and then I have girls who are 5 and 1.

I can totally relate to wondering what you were thinking planning the pregnancy. The twins were our only planned pregnancy and boy did I have conceiver's remorse when I found out there were two of them.

9:07 PM


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