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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My Name Is Stephanie....

....and I am addicted to Dance Dance Revolution. I played for over an hour yesterday. I cannot deny it. I'm addicted, and damn it...I'm going to beat this set I'm working on!

....I wound up celebrating my birthday for three weeks....gotta turn 30 more often. *winks* On Saturday I went over to Stephenie and Rebecca's where we ate pizza, they gave me presents, and we watched Blades of Glory. Stupid, funny movie! We all nearly cried we laughed so much. The presents were awesome....I got so many cute Christmas stamps for all the cards I'll be churning out soon. Two sets of cards ordered, along with my own cards....we shall see!

...Sunday was fun, too....kind of the last hurrah for my birthday.... I got to go to Oliver Winery in Southern Indiana. It's an awesome awesome place to go and hang out for the afternoon. It's relaxing....and nothing like you would picture in your head from driving past it on HWY. 37. Was so very nice. Had lunch, got to taste many different wines, and took three bottles home! hehe

So now I'm officially 30....and officially done celebrating my birthday..... drat!


Blogger Kari said...

Happy 3rd decade Stephanie! Welcome to the club finally! You know if you came to St. Louis we could celebrate some more! LOL!

6:27 PM

Blogger Julie said...

Happy belaed birthday Steph!

5:48 AM


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